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#1: pony painting question? Author: MatchaLocation: Singapore PostPosted: 0
I've been thinking of making a custom, i've got the acrylics and a can of krylon matte spray finish which i intend to use (i'm not sure if either one is good but it's worth a try p:)
The problem is, i would like to use the pony's original hair and paint + seal her body, how do i prevent the hair from being covered with paint and stuff?
Would masking/duct tape work?

#2: Re: pony painting question? Author: CrimsonEtCloverLocation: Wisteria Falls PostPosted: 0
I worry about seepage, and wonder if there is a way you could pick it out or neutralize it once it's on the hair - and possibly staining, if you do get seepage.

I've never tried it before, but I'm interested in both how the paint looks on the pony, AND if you can successfully avoud getting her hair!

#3: Re: pony painting question? Author: FloraLocation: California, USA PostPosted: 0
When I have to spray seal a pony that has hair, I wrap the hair up in aluminum foil. I tend to get a little sealer on the roots anyway, but I can crumble it out by bending the hair. Paintwise, I'd just avoid a full body repain and possibly wrap the hair up like I do for spray sealing.

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