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#1: ATTENTION: ALL MEMBERS - PLEASE READ! Author: pop-girlLocation: Florida, where it's HOT, HOT, HOT! PostPosted: 0
The following message was posted by Loa on the Arena's Facebook page.

Hello, To all our members,
As you've all seen recently, the Arena is falling apart at the seams, and despite all the band-aids, mod calendars and fakies we've thrown at it, this Arena is slowly crumbling.

But good news!
Realizing this, we contacted a strapping young man, and we have a new Arena waiting in the wings.
Its bigger, better, sooooo 2012, and is fast! It has all the latest mod cons, and everything you posted here will be available there!

We realize that a new Arena will have teething problems, and wont be to everyone's liking, but I can assure you its so far amazing!

As such, sometime this weekend *fingers crossed* we shall be moving over to the new site.
When you get there your post counts will be intact, your feedbacks moved, and hopefully everything else.
We don't know how long this will take, but we predict at this stage that the Arena will be inaccessible for at least 12 hours.

The Mod and Admin team will absolutely attempt to give you as much warning as possible, so this is your first heads up!

Thank you for your patience and love, and we will be better than ever very soon!

So far the transition from Old Arena to New Arena is looking good! Happy But, site support has one request to make of Everypony! Please try to stay off of the Arena as much as possible. We will keep you guys updated as time allows.

Please do keep trying to stay off of the MLPArena until further notice as it will make the conversion go quicker and help us to get the new site up faster (Oh, it's SO hard!! I'm having serious withdrawals, too!!) If you need to logon for a few minutes for an address or to shoot a quick PM it won't hurt anything, but the more that's happening on the site, the slower we go. Wink Again, we so very much appreciate all yall's cooperation!!

Keep up to date with what's going on at the Arena Facebook page.

#2: Re: ATTENTION: ALL MEMBERS - PLEASE READ! Author: pop-girlLocation: Florida, where it's HOT, HOT, HOT! PostPosted: 0
Our awesome site support team is going to transferring a lot of data today so please continue to be patient and stay off the Arena.

Thanks so much for your patience! I promise it will be worth it. Wink

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