Monster High CAM pieces avalible!
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#1: Monster High CAM pieces avalible! Author: SkitterbugLocation: Ottawa, Canada PostPosted: 0
I've picked up a starter set and will be using the werewolf's torso, upper arms, and upper legs, but I will have all of the dragon pieces avalible and all of the other pieces for the werewolf. I'll be keeping the clothing items, but the wig (singular) is avablible too!

I was going to ask 14 dollars for the entire dragon set (she comes with wings, too!) and 10 for the werewolf, due to her missing pieces, and 5 dollars but i'll take offers too, I just want to make back a bit of money because the set was 30 dollars here in canada :C

Pictures soon as nothing is out of the package yet, but they don't have wonk-eye or anything like that, lol

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