Common G1's and dolly Hair needed asap
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#1: Common G1's and dolly Hair needed asap Author: MacabreDarlingLocation: Midwest, United States PostPosted: 0
Hi guys! I am in need of the following ponies fairly quickly, but at a decent price since they will be for customs.

I need two shy pose baits, in order of preferance;

Dark bodied bowtie

If you can give me those ponies I'd like for them to have their body be in good shape with no permanent marks. Symbols and hair and eyes don't matter. If not, I need two of any of the following, with their body structurally sound and no cancer spots

Bowtie, Parasol, Sundance

I also am in need of a pony in Gusty's original pose. Who it is doesn't matter, so long as no chunks or major scratches are on the body. Condition of symbols hair and eyes don't matter.


If anyone has either of the following from dollyhair I need those too.

1/2 Hank pussy cat
1/2 hank lucky clover
I can trade, I have a large amount of baits and G3 ponies, also have lots of doll clothing and accessories and some monster high merchandise. When you respond if you want to trade please include your wants lists, and if you want to sell could you please include you want prices? If you could provide more than one of the needed items that would be great, thanks!

-> Wanted!

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