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#1: MH Help - Lagoona's hand! Author: DibblesLocation: Iowa PostPosted: 0
Hey all,
So I finally decided to redress my MH dolls for the first time. I've had my basic Lagoona forever, and I was trying to put on a stretch bracelet, so I took her hand out (which took a little struggle).

I have read that it's hard to put some of the hands back in, but this is ridiculous! My dad even put some butter on her hand joint and he can't get it back in! Now he says he is going to have to sand the hand joint later.

I'm really worried - Lagoona was my first MH doll, and she is my baby. If I can get this stupid hand back in I'm never taking it off again.

Has anyone else had this problem, and if so, how did you get that stupid hand back in?

#2: Re: MH Help - Lagoona's hand! Author: EmoKuu PostPosted: 0
I've had that problem with a few dolls, namely my Signature Ghoulia and DotD Ghoulia. The plastic on some of the dolls is a lot harder than the others and is less willing to cooperate. I've used the hot water method and brute strength to pop them back in, but I understand your worry, I'm constantly horrified of the idea of breaking their little wrists too. Try the hot water and if it really doesn't work you can also try making the plug in the arm bigger with a pinhead while the arm is still a bit softer from the water.

#3: Re: MH Help - Lagoona's hand! Author: DibblesLocation: Iowa PostPosted: 0
Worked like a charm. Thanks so much.

#4: Re: MH Help - Lagoona's hand! Author: bewildernessLocation: neverwhere PostPosted: 0
I had the same problem with my Lagoona 1.0. I ended up using an exacto knife to shave a little bit of the plastic off the peg.

#5: Re: MH Help - Lagoona's hand! Author: mlpcrazyLocation: Iowa PostPosted: 0
Glad you got it back in Dibbles! I always use my hairdryer for toughh joints and tight shoes/boots.

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