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OK so I've never really had a problem like this before :s

Last month I sold a pony to someone through Ebay all the way in Australia... and it has yet to arrive.

Yesterday they filed a claim. I told them to wait another week, what with the Christmas backlog and everything, and hope it turns up (I have had post from the US just recently arrive... one month and two weeks after it was posted via airmail). In my experience, things are also kind of unreliable from the UK to Australia and can sometimes take quite a while longer than they do to the US (while other times it's super fast... IDK it's weird).

I then said that I could only refund the cost of the pony, as I - obviously - had spent her P+P cost on posting the pony in the first place. I do have proof of posting, so I can prove that I sent it and I'm not just trying to fob her off.

Thing is, I feel really guilty now and I'm not sure if this is reasonable? Usually if I buy from a person rather than a business (who may have some contract with Royal Mail or you know... loads more income and profit to cover one claim) then when they offer this solution to me, I am fine with it - we've both lost out really, through no fault of our own.

I just... I guess I wanted to know if you guys think this is an acceptable solution?

If I offered it to you, would you accept or would you think I was holding out on you/trying to rip you off?

Sad Pony

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