G4 Lily Blossom + G1 Lickety Split BAIT
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#1: G4 Lily Blossom + G1 Lickety Split BAIT Author: MintySocksLocation: Bushwoolie Hollow PostPosted: 0
As the title says, looking for G4 Lily Blossom, esp. if some sweet pony on here could sell me a loose one with the accessories for cost + shipping? Flirty
I missed the first wave and I'm bummed. Sad

Also need a G1 Lickety Split for bait... symbol/eye rubs are fine, but the body really needs to be in good shape, no major marks or chews and needs to be able to stand up on her own. Hair doesn't matter, she can be bald for all I care. Cheap as possible plz!

Thanks everypony! Flirty Pony

-> Wanted!

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