Need help from American pony to buy a routeur!
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#1: Need help from American pony to buy a routeur! Author: MalancaiwenLocation: China PostPosted: 0
Hi everyone!

As I live in China, you would asume that I could find anything I want, most things being made here. I'm sad to tell you it's not the case!

I've been desperately looking for a linksys routeur to share internet in the whole house and local prices are like twice the normal price because chinese sellers buy from america then send the routeurs here! I guess no one has found the linksys company yet or they are made in the US? Confused

Anyway ... I need help Scared
All the ebay sellers I contacted either don't reply to me or refuse to send to China :s

I'd like to pay by paypal, first send the full payment for the routeur+shipping to you, then send another payment for shipping to me. I can also send a little extra box from here with some local candy and some UV hair that I have Smile

Thanks! Flirty Pony

#2: Re: Need help from American pony to buy a routeur! Author: lemontwistLocation: Eugene, OR PostPosted: 0
I wish I could help but I don't have experience with international shipping yet Scared I keep meaning to have a talk about it with my post lady. I wouldn't feel right taking up the duty without knowing what the hay I'm doing lol.

Oh well I'm sure there's someone around here with a lot of experience in it. Someone will help! Maybe when the boards are back in working order someone will move it to Trader Support, you might have better luck there.

#3: Re: Need help from American pony to buy a routeur! Author: melodys_angelLocation: Ontario, Canada PostPosted: 0
Best of luck hun <3

#4: Re: Need help from American pony to buy a routeur! Author: PawPrince PostPosted: 0
Wow, I would think you would be able to get routers more easily in China. Isn't there a cheaper brand you can get? In the USA you can get a linksys router from walmart for maybe $20-30, but other brands like D-link might be a little cheaper.

I tried to look up some information on shipping to China, and it sounds like there is a lot of red tape to get through---import/export restrictions to study, and lots of documents involved. I couldn't find any comprehensive guide that detailed exactly everything that needs to be done though. It also seems like it could be expensive and take a lot of time. I would love to help if I knew how, but are you sure it is worth it?

#5: Re: Need help from American pony to buy a routeur! Author: okapishomapiLocation: Athens, Ohio PostPosted: 0
I recently helped PonyMonsters and FPM order something they couldn't get in Britain and I'd be more than happy to help you out. Feel free to PM me!

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