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Actively seeking:
G4 FS Twilight Sparkle
G4 FS Rarity
G4 FS Luna and Celestia
-does not need to be MIB, but I would like the accessories.
Baits or fakies that I could customise into a FiM Big Macintosh, preferably with the mane and tail color of that pony already in. (Particularly interested in baits of 2007 rerelease Butterscotch because of the hair color.)

Seeking, but not actively:
G1 Teeny Tiny Twins (all except Rattles and Tattles)
Any purple G3s except for Bumbleberry, Tink-a-tink-a-too, and Garden Glade.
G4 keychains.

#2: Re: kmlv23's wantlist Author: MintySocksLocation: Bushwoolie Hollow PostPosted: 0
What country are you in? Smile

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The US.

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