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#1: Aves Studio problem... Author: naylastarLocation: Scotland PostPosted: 0
Hi everyone.

I bought Apoxie Sculpt from Aves Studio in December and my package arrived yesterday morning. Empty.

They sent me an envelope with an invoice and receipt but no clay was inside.
I sent message through paypal saying I had received an empty envelope and they never replied, buy I got an automated email saying that my order was cancelled. I asked why through paypal and they responded by saying that it was me who cancelled my order and that I shouldn't have received it by this time as it's too early.

I feel like they're calling me a liar. This envelope is definitely from them because the customs declaration says "clay" and it's got their return address on it!

Has anyone else had a problem with them? I've bought once before and they were great. This is only my second time buying with them and I don't think I will be again.

Does anyone else know anywhere else stocks apoxie sculpt?

I'm not amused...


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