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#1: Private Trade? Author: lilacamy931Location: Bournemouth, UK PostPosted: 0
Hello everyone Smile

I joined back in November and have been bitten by the custom pony bug. I would really like to try my hand at a private trade as feel this will help me to broaden my skills and try something more.

I'm interested in doing some custom trades with other customizers here, and was hoping I might be able to find a couple of members who were interested in private custom trades. I am comfortable with the following kinds of custom work;

-Full body repaints (prefer airbrushing)
-Rehairs (though as new have about 5 colours at the moment so would need time to order specific colours :))
-Sculpting (please see DA linkie below for types of things so far able to do though always willing to try more!)
-Hand painted symbols - depending on detail will give a go!

My specialties include;
Hmmm as new, not sure of my avenue yet, though do like character work Smile

I am willing to do custom characters, cannon characters from movies and books, fantasy creatures, simple design ponies, or most anything else you can come up with.

I would be happy to discuss our interests with each other and see what kind of trade projects we can come up with for each other!

Depending on the interest I would like a private trade with one or two peeps at this time. I will be honest I am lucky to be married on March 19th this year so do not want to take on too many commitments and keep you waiting Smile I am UK based if that makes any difference for decisions and hope that which ever trades take on that I can do you proud!!!

Oh I should add I have only G3 baits at this time, I haven't been able to get hands on G1s and find G4s a little expensive at this time though if this is what you would prefer I will make every effort!

Hopefully havent rambled on too much! Happy Pony

#2: Re: Private Trade? Author: lilacamy931Location: Bournemouth, UK PostPosted: 0
Sorry for a double post now (cant edit the first), but need to apologise if this appears multiple times as thought it was my computer having issues so kept trying to repost.

#3: Re: Private Trade? Author: Okami_AmaterasuLocation: Cádiz, Spain PostPosted: 0
Hi, I´m interested, here is my deviantart, tell me you think^^

#4: Re: Private Trade? Author: lilacamy931Location: Bournemouth, UK PostPosted: 0
Definitely interested and pming Smile May be open to another person if interested

#5: Re: Private Trade? Author: carlabarlaLocation: canada PostPosted: 0
I'm always down Happy my da link is in my siggy

#6: Re: Private Trade? Author: lilacamy931Location: Bournemouth, UK PostPosted: 0
Lovely customs ! Yes please and will send a pm Smile I was not expecting such a fast response thank you.

I dont want to take anymore for the moment as wish to concentrate on first 2 customs for other people. If you are really interested though please do leave a post or pm and when one is completed more than willing to take more on Smile

#7: Re: Private Trade? Author: wiccanpony1Location: sitting under a tree PostPosted: 0
Hello hunni:)
Im intrested but in no hurry so can wait till you have time x
here are some of my customs
if your intrested drop me a PM
Have a great day x x

#8: Re: Private Trade? Author: RainbowjuiceLocation: Liverpool UK PostPosted: 0
Ohhh...this seems interesting.
I have a few to finish myself at the moment but I'd be more than happy to do a swap in the near future Happy

My customs will be up on my collection site (eventually)

#9: Re: Private Trade? Author: lilacamy931Location: Bournemouth, UK PostPosted: 0
Thank you both for the interest! Will drop pms in short while for future possible trades Smile I will be honest that have the two on here to do and a small back log of gifts before the wedding but will keep posted! Many thanks xx

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