1 Year MLP Arena Anniversary
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#1: 1 Year MLP Arena Anniversary Author: KoudoawaiaLocation: Kentucky PostPosted: 0
Today marks one year since I joined the MLP Arena.^^ I was really excited about Friendship is Magic and none of the sites I was currently on was a good place to find people to talk about it with so I embarked on a search for pony boards and found this one and my love of ponies in general, not just G4 was revived.

Everyone here has been really friendly in my one year here. Because of this place, I acquired my grail of Baby Celebrations in June and made a couple of friends like kittybethy. I also really appreciate ZennaBug and Lina always saying nice things when I post my art in the Pony Art forum and the couple times I participated in AmberMarie's ATC swaps were really fun. I want to be in more of them.^^ So thanks for a great year and I look forward to the years to come.

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