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#1: Ebay Bucks question Author: 01mlploverLocation: U.S. PostPosted: 0
So this is sort of pony related... Ive been on ebay for quite some time and really like their ebay bucks system. Sometimes it even factors in if ill buy an item like if it has free shipping and a higher bid price then i get more ebay bucks.

Anyways im really confused as to what just happened. I bought 7 ponies from the same seller in the uk. I noticed that it didnt look like i got enough points from the auctions so i went and checked it out and it only gave me points on two of the auctions. The others show up and say earned $0.00 and i can click it and its suppose to tell me why i didnt earn on them but its all just a bunch of crap that doesnt give you the exact reason... To me this doesnt even make sense how they can do it on some auctions and not the others from the same seller...

Also i had quite a few points racked up that i used on the purchases and it used all my points but 1 cent. So i have a 1 cent certifcate left. All i can think of on that is that the value didnt add up right in converting usd to gbp.

So just when i think i know quite a bit about ebay they throw something else at me. If anyone can explain this to me id be very greatful cuz im a little irratated right now and i dont even know where to begin to try and contact ebay to ask them about it.

#2: Re: Ebay Bucks question Author: Glacia471Location: US (WI) PostPosted: 0
Ebay will only let you generate ebay bucks if you buy something through ebay US, it's really a pain sometimes Throws Fakie If you're after something on a foreign ebay, just search for the auction number under ebay US before bidding, that way you'll get the ebay bucks from it. But considering some let you generate ebay bucks and some didn't, I'm not sure if that's necessarily what happened in your case Confused

#3: Re: Ebay Bucks question Author: RingletsLocation: Silverbells Manor UK...there's always room for more ponies!! PostPosted: 0
sounds confusing as to why you had points from some auctions and not others Huh As far as I know we do not have Ebay bucks in the UK awake I do think you'll need to contact ebay about it, but I'm not sure from which menu to do that. I'll have to look on ebay US to try and get an idea of how it works

#4: Re: Ebay Bucks question Author: 01mlploverLocation: U.S. PostPosted: 0
The only info ive found is that ebay bucks are available in ebay us and ebay canada. Atleast i think thats what i read...

Is it possible that because i went to the auctions a couple of different ways that it done it? The first time i just clicked the auction link from the mlptp and bought some from there. The other way is that i went to that persons listings through ebay and bought some. Like clicking the other items for sale link.

It still doesnt seem quite fair though... Our money goes through the same exact way as it would any other auction right?

#5: Re: Ebay Bucks question Author: goddessofpeep PostPosted: 0
It's because you accessed the auction from a foreign ebay, probably ebay.uk. You won't get points unless you are logged into your USA ebay account when you bid, and buy through that site. You also have to pay through the USA ebay, so make sure when you get your invoice that it takes you to the correct ebay site. You can usually tell during checkout. If everything's ok for the points, you usually see that little note at the bottom of the page "You'll get $XX.XX ebay Bucks for this purchase". Always look for that while you're checking out and bidding.

A lot of people post ebay links from their home country ebay here. Always check to make sure you're looking at the auction through your USA ebay before you actually bid.

#6: Re: Ebay Bucks question Author: 01mlploverLocation: U.S. PostPosted: 0
That still seems weird to me. I paid for them all at once... Oh well i guess, lesson learned Wink

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