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#1: Ebay question: Insertion fees Author: SilverFoxLocation: Holland PostPosted: 0

I tried listing items through ebay.nl and ebay.com. I tabbed the box for international shipping. But when I search back my advertisements I only see them on ebay.nl (even if I make the add at ebay.com).

How do I get listed/listings as a international seller on ebay so people all over the world will see my ads?


Silver Fox


Oh... I see the .com ad now. So if you want to sell internationally you have to sell through ebay.com? Thats kinda sad because I want 'hard' euros for my stuff because the dollar is so unstable and in Holland we pay with euros.


Also another question: If you sell an item on ebay but it isnt sold. Do you still have to pay insertion fees? Ebay isnt clear on the subject.

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#2: Re: Ebay question: Insertion fees Author: fireextinquisherLocation: Bath, England PostPosted: 0
Yeah you have to pay the insertion fees whether the item sells or not, you just don't pay final value fees. However, I think if you relist the unsold item within a certain time frame and it sells, you don't have to pay the insertion fee again? Something like that...not entirely sure.

I've only used eBay.co.uk, but I'd imagine the same rules apply.

#3: Re: Ebay question: Insertion fees Author: RingletsLocation: Silverbells Manor UK...there's always room for more ponies!! PostPosted: 0
Hmm.. normally there is an option when you are listing your items to list them internationally without doing the .com awake . First you have to add international shipping rates /tick the boxes of which countries you want to sell to, then on the second page, just before it gives you the preview of your listing , it normally gives you the option to pay a bit extra and have the item show up on the international listings (rather than just showing up as an international item at the bottom of the page) . You have to enter the shipping amount for ebay US /canada and Australia now though before it will show up I think. Thats how it works on ebay UK anyways.. relaxed
As regards the insertion fees, yes you do have to pay them whether the item sells or not, but if it doesnt seel you dont have to pay final value fees. I think it will let you relist the unsold item once and if it sells that time then you only have to pay one lot of insertion fees Smile

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