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#1: Postage rates?! Author: nearlyheadlessnayyLocation: South of england PostPosted: 0
I've agreed to sell a pony to someone in america, (I'm from the uk) but does anyone have a rough idea on the postage just for one baby pony?
thankyou Smile xx

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#2: Re: Postage rates?! Author: gazzy90Location: Greece PostPosted: 0
It's best to ask at your post office, they'll give you the most accurate answer Smile Just take them the pony packaged so that they can weigh it.

#3: Re: Postage rates?! Author: hathorcatLocation: Scotland PostPosted: 0
You can calculate it using the royal mail website...all you need to know is the weight of the parcel [I would suggest wrapping the pony up and popping her on kitchen scales so you have the final parcel weight]....

Click on "price finder" on the this site...

The RM price finder is pretty accurate...I have never been wrong with shipping when I have used it...but as gazzy says sometimes its easiest to go to the Post Office with the parcel and ask them to weigh it and give you a price.

#4: Re: Postage rates?! Author: kittybethyLocation: Texas PostPosted: 0
I would suggest online calculators too!

They work most of the time!

#5: Re: Postage rates?! Author: NappercasperLocation: England PostPosted: 0
I usually charge about £3.00 to usa. I see the sight is down so you can't see but i think the cheapest lightest is about 2.20-2.50 can't remember quite but its around that mark. However you could just take it to post office in the morning.

#6: Re: Postage rates?! Author: RingletsLocation: Silverbells Manor UK...there's always room for more ponies!! PostPosted: 0
its been a while since I sent a single baby pony to the US ,and it does depend on how you pack the parcel.. but yeah it should cost around £3.00, maybe a little less. I always pack the parcel and then weigh it on some kitchen scales like hathorcat mentioned. The price guide on the Royal mail website is pretty accurate . The only thing I've sometimes found is that the older type scales at some PO's can be off, so it could be a little bit higher or a bit lower than it should be. The difference should not be much for such a light parcel awake
The postage rates via Airmail from UK to US are:
120g : £2.32
140g : £2.60
160g: £2.90
180g: £3.20
200g: £3.50
220g: £3.80

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