help with a german ebay auction? (ends in 24 hrs)
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#1: help with a german ebay auction? (ends in 24 hrs) Author: RoognaLocation: TN, USA PostPosted: 0
there are 2 auctions by 1 seller on German ebay that I'd love to bid on but I need help

I saved them to my favorites in US ebay...but it wont let me look at them b/c they are "not available to bid on through US ebay"

So I need someone who can bid on German ebay....and (if the seller is not willing to take paypal and/or ship to the US) I need someone to be the "middle person" that I can send $ to and/or have the ponies sent to and then to me.

Right now the action price is very low, so even paying extra shipping is fine Smile

please PM me if you can help

#2: Re: help with a german ebay auction? (ends in 24 hrs) Author: emeryLocation: Illinois PostPosted: 0
I don't know what auctions they are of course but will it let you bid if you view them on Depending on what the auctions settings are from the seller you may very well be able to bid and pay for them. Just go to and you can log in with your same eBay infos and look at the listings there to find out better. A "translate this page" thing should come up on your browser too which can be helpful Smile

#3: Re: help with a german ebay auction? (ends in 24 hrs) Author: sheltiLocation: Oregon the home of Shel-t* Ponies PostPosted: 0
Great Advice emery.
Many times German sellers don't mind selling to US members, they just don't realize the settings are not correct.
If that does not work, hope you find a German member to help you.

#4: Re: help with a german ebay auction? (ends in 24 hrs) Author: RingletsLocation: Silverbells Manor UK...there's always room for more ponies!! PostPosted: 0
I agree with Shelti and Emery (thankies ladies heart ) - try bidding/contacting the seller by logging in to - they might actually be willing to let you bid awake . If not, there are some German members here who might be able to help you .. or perhaps the seller will ship to other European countries too and in that case you could have more people available to help - the only problem is that at this time of year people are light/busy so they might not see your thread in time Sad

#5: Re: help with a german ebay auction? (ends in 24 hrs) Author: hokuspokusLocation: Netherlands PostPosted: 0
Most of the time, you can indeed log in on and then you can bid. I often log in on and then when i want to bid on auctions from Germany, i just have to login at

If it doesn't work or they won't ship US i'd love to help you out but shipping from Netherlands to US is pretty expensive and i would feel sad for you to pay that amount of money Sad

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