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#1: Fan-fiction warning. All Read! Author: pop-girlLocation: Florida, where it's HOT, HOT, HOT! PostPosted: 0
This has been posted over in the Pony Corral now for several weeks.

I know some of our customizers do not frequent the Corral so I thought it should be re-posted here.

Recently there has been a fan fiction doing the rounds that has something to do with a food treat.

At every mention of this fanfic we have removed it, as it is not appropriate for the Arena in any way.

This is your first, last and only warning.

If this topic is mentioned again on the Arena, we will remove the topic and you will be suspended from the Arena for an amount of time the Mod team deem is reasonable. This ban may be permanent.

Again, this is your only warning, and this is not up for discussion.

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