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#1: Options for Non-Paying Bidders on Ebay Author: hunnybunny99 PostPosted: 0
I am getting ready to list some more ponies on ebay, but it seems like everytime I do, I get at least one NPB. So I was wondering what the best way for dealing with them is. It seems there are two options: open an unpaid item case or cancel the transaction. But you have to wait 4 days to open a case and then 4 more to close it. That means 8 days before you can relist. Or do you all just relist and cancel if they do end up paying? For canceling the transaction, do you only get your fees back if they agree? Or if they don't agree and don't pay are you still out the fees? Just wondering what the best thing to do is. Any input is appreciated! Thanks!

#2: Re: Options for Non-Paying Bidders on Ebay Author: ClosetAvalanche PostPosted: 0
You can set an option that blocks bidder from bidding on your auction that has 2 or more npbs filed against them. This woulld help reduce the ammount of npbs Smile

#3: Re: Options for Non-Paying Bidders on Ebay Author: hunnybunny99 PostPosted: 0
Thanks, I've done that, but they still seem to find a way!

#4: Re: Options for Non-Paying Bidders on Ebay Author: emeryLocation: Illinois PostPosted: 0
8 days seems to be the turnaround time for non-paying bidders. I have been so tempted to relist after 4 days but I have had people pay after I've opened up a case so it's less messy to just wait the extra 4 days before throwing items back online. I recently listed and sold about 65 items and of those I only have 4 items go unpaid and of those I got payment from 3 after opening a dispute. The 4th item I did relist and it has been paid for so not bad for that amount of items.

As far as buyer restrictions be sure you have it set so that you are blocking buyers with 2 Unpaid Items Strikes within 12 months instead of just 2 months. In My eBay go to:

Account> Site Preferences > Buyer Requirements > Buyers with Unpaid Item strikes

Select the right specs and then also at the bottom of the page before submitting the changes click the button for "Apply above settings to active and future listings"

I don't usually try to work out any type of cancellation. If they haven't paid, then they most likely aren't going to be up for any type of communication and the buyer does have to agree for a mutual cancellation of the transaction.

#5: Re: Options for Non-Paying Bidders on Ebay Author: RingletsLocation: Silverbells Manor UK...there's always room for more ponies!! PostPosted: 0
I hate the amount of NPB on ebay lately *sigh* Sad Follow emery's advice and block the people who have 2 unpaid item strikes in 12 months (thanks for posting the info emery Hug ) . I dont normally cancel transactions when someone doesnt pay, I'll open a NPB case instead, even though its a pain to wait it out. Sometimes the person does pay up once a case is opened Wink

#6: Re: Options for Non-Paying Bidders on Ebay Author: hokuspokusLocation: Netherlands PostPosted: 0
I can't understand why people bid & then not pay :\
Why did you bid, then? I wonder.

Sorry, i have no advice but the block for persons with 2&up unpaid items sounds right!

#7: Re: Options for Non-Paying Bidders on Ebay Author: JemofirongateLocation: Essex, United Kingdom PostPosted: 0
The other thing you could do is set up your auctions to require immediate payment (perhaps that only applies to BINs? not sure...)

After all, if the buyer has an intention to buy, they must therefore have the money to to pay right away, right?

Jem Happy Pony

#8: Re: Options for Non-Paying Bidders on Ebay Author: emeryLocation: Illinois PostPosted: 0
Immediate payment is great for BIN or fixed price listings but the problem you run into there is if someone wants to buy multiple items then they have to pay separate (and you get hit with Paypal fees each time instead of just once) and you can't send them a combined shipping invoice before they pay so you usually would have to do a partial refund on the shipping. At least you would have their payment that way I guess though....

#9: Re: Options for Non-Paying Bidders on Ebay Author: RockinPrettyBeatsLocation: Denver, CO USA PostPosted: 0
That's why I don't like requesting immediate payment. I believe it would make me lose business cause many of my customers like the combined shipping. They would probably be confused as to why they have to pay full price up front.

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