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#1: Bad Bidder aurora6511 Author: ClosetAvalanche PostPosted: 0
I recently sold 2 TAF Babies on Dec 10th and 11th. Sent them an email that if they can get payment by Monday morning, their ponies will ship that day since I'm going to the po anyway. They replied saying they couldn't pay till Wednesday. Okay, that was fine. Thursday came and no payment so I sent another email reminding them of my 5 day payment policy. They apologized and said they needed a few more days.

Monday came and no payment so I filed NPBs. Just got a response, asking if I can cancel one transaction because they cannot afford both. Now, they are international and I'm willing to do that except, I'm panicy if they file an item not received because I'll have no tracking info. They are low feedback and I see someone left them bad feedback for non payment of a custom. Should I just cancel both transactions?

I don't know what to do, I was really hoping for the money. BTW, their ID is: aurora6511

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#2: Re: Bad Bidder! And a Question! Author: cookhumanLocation: Saint Louis, MO USA PostPosted: 0
It looks like StarGleamer had a problem with her bidding on 3 high ticket MOC/MIB ponies last month.

First, add this bidder to your blocked list.

So I guess the issue is, if you cancel the transactions (which is obviously the best/safest thing for you at this point), you will lose your final value fees. I realize that you are going to lose out on the auction money you thought you'd made, but I don't think the headache and potential for a chargeback/item not received/etc is worth it.

Could you maybe say that you can't cancel the transactions, let ebay dock her NPB and return your fees, and relist/second chance offer?

I would not send anything to this person, you will most likely be the victim of some type of fraud later, if they are playing this many games upfront (and with other sellers). If she wants to pay for both, how expensive is tracking? Is it worth it since these are high ticket items? Good luck!

ETA: Am I crazy? I don't see the bad feedback you are talking about when I pull them up on ebay. Only 13 positives... :/

#3: Re: Bad Bidder! And a Question! Author: banditponyLocation: o-hi-o PostPosted: 0
I held items for that person for 3 weeks. They told me they had a bad situation... so I waited 3 weeks!!! UGH. I fell for her sob story.

All sellers need to be clicking that checkbox that says block bidders that have had more than 2NPB. Because, that's the case with that person.

#4: Re: Bad Bidder! And a Question! Author: lil.cutie.pieLocation: my gaf, In rainy Co. Donegal, Ireland :( PostPosted: 0
I think shes messing around( or else she has a lot of money she claims not to have!) shopping spree

Off topic but piggy Minty for 65euro..where was I?? Sad

#5: Re: Bad Bidder! And a Question! Author: lovesbabysquirmyLocation: Canadaaaaa! Calgary, Alberta! PostPosted: 0
I'd graciously back out now while you still can... Sad

#6: Re: Bad Bidder! And a Question! Author: ClosetAvalanche PostPosted: 0
Hi, thanks for the advice! I've decided overnight that I didn't want to take the chance and reading everything now, I'm glad. I did send her two notices for canceling (which if I'm correct, if the buyer agrees, you receive your fees back.) Either way, I only have to wait two more days and I can close the NPB cases.

She has a positive feedback on her account that says non paying bidder.

Banditpony- I like to give everyone a chance, but with my recent rash of NPBs, I think I'm going to do that.

On a positive note, I made a rather large sale this morning, so that has cheered me up!

Thanks everyone!

#7: Re: Bad Bidder! And a Question! Author: ClosetAvalanche PostPosted: 0
Wow, this lady is crazy, lol. She just denied the cancelation request and sent me an email saying she'd pay by the 28th. Um, no? Well, at least I can still file the NPB. I just hope she doesn't neg me XD

#8: Re: Bad Bidder! And a Question! Author: RingletsLocation: Silverbells Manor UK...there's always room for more ponies!! PostPosted: 0
eesh! I agree with what has already been said - given the issues with this person already, there is no way I'd want to send her those ponies Crazy if she wont cancel then go ahead with the NPB Wink If they end in 2 days then there is a good chance that she will not have paid by then. Block her ASAP

#9: Re: Bad Bidder! And a Question! Author: Eskara1862Location: USA PostPosted: 0
If she leaves you a neg and the NPB goes against her, you can have eBay remove the neg from you account =) The only way you'll get stuck with it is if she negs AND pays.

Good luck!

#10: Re: Bad Bidder! And a Question! Author: angelponiesLocation: Windy WA PostPosted: 0

I am her latest Victim! I am so glad I found this thread!! She bought my Argentina Gusty Dec 6th and asked to pay for her Dec 27th. I was like um ok. I am needing the money with my hubby being out of work, AND TOLD HER THIS, but being all in the Christmas Spirit, I thought why not.

THEN on Dec 22nd she wins another one of my Argentina ponies, then asks to pay for her the 3rd week into January! She told me that she couldn't afford both now because of a lung infection and hospital visit. So she asked to pay for Gusty now which was yesterday and the other 3rd week into January! I am getting a little suspicious now as I feel I am being taken advantage of and so I go and check to see if she has bid on anything else. And she is! She is bidding on other argentina ponies and Right now she is bidding on High dollar Greek ponies being sold by frenchdrakeracer on ebay. I messaged frenchdrakeracer to give them, a heads up, I will send them this link too.


#11: Re: Bad Bidder! And a Question! Author: ClosetAvalanche PostPosted: 0
Yeah, she full of pinecones. Just file a NPB and move on. She needs to be banned. If you're sick and have hospital bills, don't bid on expensive ponies.

#12: Re: Bad Bidder! And a Question! Author: angelponiesLocation: Windy WA PostPosted: 0
Yeah she is bad news for sellers, are you allowed to put her user name in the title since she is currently at it again? To give others a heads up on her Throws Fakie

#13: Re: Bad Bidder aurora6511 Author: RingletsLocation: Silverbells Manor UK...there's always room for more ponies!! PostPosted: 0
Yes you are allowed to put her name in the title - thanks for doing this already! Big Ups
She is a bad buyer for sure and needs to be blocked! her stories and delaying tactics sound like rubbish! if she is really that ill and cant afford to pay for weeks, then she shouldnt have bid in the first place, and she definitely should not be bidding on other peoples items as well! Throws Fakie

#14: Re: Bad Bidder aurora6511 Author: medleysongLocation: Seattle, WA PostPosted: 0
Yep, I have been hit by her too Sad She bought a Macau Cotton Candy from me among others and had not paid for them. I listed more items the following week and she started bidding like crazy. She won my mimic for ove 200 dollars *faints* when I saw she was bidding on mimic I emailed her asking her not to bid if she did not intend on paying because I needed the money for christmas. She bid and won anyway. She did end up paying for all of the ponies but not until much much later. She gave me a sob story too! I emailed her asking her not to bid but she went crazy with the nirvana medleys I have up right now. She is bidding on everything! I just ended my listing for Greek Blue Medley because it ends in 12 hours and she is the highest bidder Sad I knew she probably had some ungodly amount entered so nobody would outbid her. I didn't know what else to do. I did go in and block her but it still shows her as the high bidder on my other auctions ending in a day. I wasn't even aware that she had bid on all of these ponies either until angeponies contacted me...thank goodness!!!

I am worried since she is out of country that she will start doing charge backs. She and I have had a great deal of interactions via emails but here is a portion of it when I was reaching my boiling point:

(name deleted) ,I am really frustrated at this point. I asked you to please not bid on my auctions if you had no intention of paying. You are a seller, how would you feel if the person who won did not pay? I don't understand, really. I have tried to be reasonable and patient but you are not even responding now and I know you must be checking your emails because you have auctions up. I need to hear from you about when you can pay for these ponies. I would rather receive the money late than not at all at this point. I am out fees, time and so forth. I highly encourage you to respond with some sort of a plan otherwise I will have to report you to ebay for two auctions which could affect your ability to buy and sell and I will have to list you on the my little pony arena and trade post as dishonest and a time waster which is also not good. Please respond with your intent, Jen

Here response:
Hello, I have paid my items now, just as promised, I didn't write to you because I'm sick at home this time and I didn't have the money earlier on my paypal account and I knew that you would be putting me under pressure again and I didn't want to read that, because this makes me feeling bad and I made this transaction already as quickly as i could. And I don't really like being hounded. I'm only one day too late than agreed. i find it not fair from you to threaten me with negative feedback and describing me as dishonest AFTER I have already bought from you for over than 300 dollars. Is that the way you treat your good customers?

She wasn't one day late by the way...she was supposed to have it in by last Wednesday and finally paid the Saturday before Christmas which was not enough time to transfer it into my bank account to actually use for Christmas. She paid after I had filed NPBs on the items and then closed them. For whatever reason, ebay allowed her to pay even after I closed the NPBs to get my fees back and contacted other bidders for a second chance offer on the items. That was confusing to me. Luckily the other potential buyers hadn't taken the items at that point.

Sorry to go on so long but this girl has been rubbing me the wrong way for weeks and I thought I was the only one dealing with it.

#15: Re: Bad Bidder aurora6511 Author: NovavelleLocation: The "No", California PostPosted: 0
me too... she bought my brazil twist, then was like oh I am sick, cant afford to pay, can I cancel, so I filed a non payment, then she's like oh well if that's going on my record, I can buy it... after the first of the year... I'm going to file that non payment right now.... I could have sold her again too I had a few offers and I waited for her. UGH!

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