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More items including quite a few G3 ponies coming soon! I am happy to sell if you don't have anything to trade, don't be afraid to ask!

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McDonalds Fluttershy & Applejack

G1: Baby%20Stockings In%20good%20shape,%20a%20little%20excess%20glue%20around%20the%20neck%20but%20I%20can%20give%20it%20a%20wipe%20down Baby%20Beachball This%20little%20cutie%20was%20my%20grail%20for%20a%20while%20and%20I%20ended%20up%20with%202%20of%20her! Hula%20Hula Tootie%20Tails,%20she%20has%20some%20stray%20marks%20on%20her%20NDS G3: Jazz%20Mattazz,%20fresh%20out%20of%20the%20bag%20she%20came%20in MIB%20Shell%20Belle,%20box%20is%20a%20little%20torn%20at%20the%20top SLH%20Rainbow%20Flash

My Wish List

Sea Breeze
Starry Wings
Ringlet (Rainbow Curl pony)
Raincurl (Rainbow Curl pony)
Sea pony shell
Truly (I want one to deflock, so it doesn't matter if the flocking is dingy or rubbed or if it's already been deflocked even better!)


Tira-Mi-Su & Mochanut
Sunrise Song
Morning Glory
Whistle Wishes

G4: Blind bags of Tealove, Roseluck and Sweetcream Scoops
White earth ponies or any blue G4s to customize

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#2: Re: Knitgirl's small but growing trade list Author: DeviantCandy PostPosted: 0
Hi, sent you a pm about the tropical ponies.

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