2011 Annual Card Swap [BRAG PMs DUE]
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#1: 2011 Annual Card Swap [BRAG PMs DUE] Author: ArenaHuntLocation: MLP Arena PostPosted: 0
Get those pens and cards ready - IT'S CARD SWAP TIME! The annual card swap is back for its 6th year.
Everyone and anyone can join. Participants will be put into groups of approx 8-10. Group A will send to Group B, B will send to C, etc. That means you will send and receive 8-10 cards.

**RULES & Things to keep in mind:
1: Each group will have a variety of addresses - USA, Canada, Europe, etc. If you cannot send cards overseas, do not join. You should plan to spend at least $20-$30 for cards and mailing.
2: You may get a variety of cards - various holidays, traditions, cultures, and religions. If you are not comfortable with this, please do not join.
3: If at any point you run into trouble or delays, PM me ASAP.
4: You MUST include your Arena username when you sign your card so the person receiving your card knows who you are!
5: Cards can be store bought, hand made, computer print-outs - whatever you want. They don't even have to be pony-related.
6: You must let me know when you have mailed your cards.
7: You must let me know when you receive cards and from who.
8: You must ship within the set deadline.

**Requirements to join: have been here at least 3 months with a post count of 100 posts or higher
(ie - must have joined August 2011 or earlier)

**How to join: Please PM me (ArenaHunt) with your full name and complete mailing address.
Please ensure that all your info is correct and fully complete - it is not my responsibility to track you down for countries, zip/postal codes, last names, etc.
NEW: All participants will be required to fill out a questionnaire upon joining to ensure that you understand ALL the requirements of the swap.

**Last day to join: November 10.
Yes, it's a short time frame, but I want to get things moving as quickly as possible. This gives everyone a week to join.
Please take this as seriously as you would any other swap. Once I have sent the mailing lists out - you cannot drop out. If you have any doubts about being able to fulfill your requirement, don't join.

**I will have the mailing lists out to all participants shortly after the join deadline. That gives you a month to shop and fill out your cards.

**Card Mailing:
All cards are to be mailed between December 10 and December 15.

Feedback will be left by me upon completion of the swap. Feedback will be based on communication, mailing within the deadline, following of the rules, etc.

It's always fun to get holiday cards in the mail! This way you'll be guaranteed a lot of mail, and a lot of fun. Smile And we all have the fun of sending out cards and getting to know each other a little better. Happy

Xmas Xmas Xmas Xmas Xmas Xmas Xmas Xmas Xmas Xmas

Be sure to fill out the "Partner Interest Thread" as well! http://mlparena.com/Forums/viewtopic/t=280542.html

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#2: Re: 2011 Annual Card Swap Author: xeeveeLocation: Australia PostPosted: 0
Yay!! I will pm when I am on an actual computer!!

#3: Re: 2011 Annual Card Swap Author: rayechuLocation: Berkeley, CA PostPosted: 0
Oooo interesting. I've never done this before Smile

#4: Re: 2011 Annual Card Swap Author: kaoskatLocation: almost florida PostPosted: 0
Yay! Card Swap!

#5: Re: 2011 Annual Card Swap Author: Princess-SparklesLocation: Australia PostPosted: 0
This sounds like lots of fun and it's cheap to post to. I'll send a pm later today. ^_^

#6: Re: 2011 Annual Card Swap Author: PeachyPieLocation: Brisbane, Australia PostPosted: 0
Energetic This sounds like a lot of fun. I will pm when I get home from work Smile

#7: Re: 2011 Annual Card Swap Author: CharmerLocation: Berkhamsted PostPosted: 0
I'm in! Have sent my info now!

#8: Re: 2011 Annual Card Swap Author: dollhandsLocation: New Zealand PostPosted: 0
Oooh I wanna join! YAY! Will pm you shortly Smile

#9: Re: 2011 Annual Card Swap Author: AflameLocation: wales PostPosted: 0
oh oh me me me !!! xaflamex

#10: Re: 2011 Annual Card Swap Author: xkelpiex PostPosted: 0
This sounds so cool! Unfortunately, I do not think I will be able to join this year Sad I hope we a valentines card swap, though!

#11: Re: 2011 Annual Card Swap Author: PrincessDiana1982Location: In a crazy crazy world...jk! NEW JERSEY!!! PostPosted: 0
I was so excited, until I got to the requirements! Sad Pony I am so sad I don't meet the join requirement!!!!! I joined Sept. 3. This sounds like so much fun too! I would have loved this! Well, I guess I can do the next one. =*( Depressed
Well, have fun everyone else!

#12: Re: 2011 Annual Card Swap Author: lovesbabysquirmyLocation: Canadaaaaa! Calgary, Alberta! PostPosted: 0
WOOOOOO! I love the card swap!

#13: Re: 2011 Annual Card Swap Author: TalismarrLocation: Manitoba, Canada PostPosted: 0
Yay!! I missed the card swap last year, but joined the year before, it was so fun!! So nice to get thoughtful cards in the mail from people Happy
Sending my pm!!

#14: Re: 2011 Annual Card Swap Author: BethyVicLocation: Edina, Minnesota PostPosted: 0
I love the card swap. Last year was my first and it was awesome!

#15: Re: 2011 Annual Card Swap Author: PrincessDiana1982Location: In a crazy crazy world...jk! NEW JERSEY!!! PostPosted: 0
I will be here 3 months by the time the cards go out, can I please please please join??!!???? I'll love you forever!!! If not, that's okay, you can't blame me for trying! I would just love this so much!!

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