New Feedbacks Awaiting Site Approval ~Updated for Clarity
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#1: New Feedbacks Awaiting Site Approval ~Updated for Clarity Author: kCherryLocation: Upstate SC, *USA* PostPosted: 0
Please be aware that this thread is for feedback for FIRST TIME buyers, sellers, traders with NO feedback in the current Feedback System,
All feedback for members who are already listed in the system should be recorded there accordingly and should not be recorded in this thread. Wink We ask that everyone please review the listings thoroughly for your partners name before posting Feedback here to better ensure that your transactions are being sufficiently documented. Smile
Thank you for bearing with us during this challenging time. Again, feel free to contact any of your friendly neighborhood Mods with any questions or concerns. ~Cherry

As we are all very much aware, the Arena staff is currently dealing with some small technical difficulties with our feedback system. To clarify, All NEW feedbacks are still being recorded into our database, but due to system glitches we can no longer post multiple feedbacks in mass and are now having to resort to posting each new feedback one at a time. As you can only imagine this is an extremely time-consuming task, so we have been very appreciative of your continued patience as we strive to make the needed improvements. Be assured that we are diligently working to better our entire site and that soon everyone's patience will be rewarded!! Happy Pony

In the meantime, while we are working on the issue, we wanted to provide everyone with a place to record new feedbacks that have not yet been listed live on the site. We know that feedback is essential within a community of trust such as ours and hope that you will use this opportunity to post your feedbacks for your trading and business partners to our designated thread in Trader Support-

Please feel free to contact myself or any other Trader Support Mod should you have any questions or require any assistance. Smile


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