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#1: G3 Baits, non-MLP stuff of all kinds! Author: lemontwistLocation: Eugene, OR PostPosted: 0
glittery Hi! Welcome to my sales thread! glittery

Currently in the process of updating, going to be adding new stuff soon!

First, let's get the boring stuff out of the way: I currently only prefer payments by paypal, sorry. That may change in the future though! I may consider concealed cash but I prefer not to as cash tends to disappear from my own wallet so much faster! I'm trying to save up money for something really special.

My mom is a smoker, she does not smoke in the house but I cannot say for sure the smell hasn't somehow found its way to my ponies (ick!!!) so please be aware of that! I also have a dog, so allergies beware.

I'm currently only shipping in the US. One pony ships for $3 usually.

Also, I'm not currently interested in trades.

I can take more pictures of anything if needed! **currently missing camera charger so new pictures may be webcam quality for now**

Most prices may have some wiggle room, don't be afraid to ask.

Okay, now to the fun stuff!

Baity and/or "played with" condition- ALL BAITS $2 OR BEST OFFER
*Note, can clean and remove mane/tail for $1 more

1. Sparkleworks, fine aside from wild tinsel (pics soon)

-more baits coming soon-

Non MLP stuff

Monster High Draculauras bat keyring clip thingy (pics soon) make offer

Invader ZIM Box Set- $40 or your best offer. Cardboard box rough around opening, all 6 DVDs (2 in each case) play fine!
Penguin%20plushies%20(Smallest%20one%20is%20gone)-%20$5%20each%20(or%20best%20offer)%20or%20whole%20lot%20for%20$20%20(or%20best%20offer)%20all%20in%20good%20condition,%20no%20matting%20or%20stains Assorted%20comic%20books/graphic%20novels,%20make%20offers Hello%20Kitty%20coin%20bank%20$1 Lord%20of%20the%20Rings:%20Arwen's%20Necklace%20pendant,%20bottom%20of%20lowest%20crystal%20is%20chipped%20off,%20needs%20some%20cleaning%20$40%20or%20best%20offer%20

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#2: Re: G3 Baits, Fakies, non-MLP stuff of all kinds! Author: GrassshackgirlLocation: The Rainbow State PostPosted: 0
Sent you a PM ^_^

#3: Re: G3 Baits, Fakies, non-MLP stuff of all kinds! Author: selma PostPosted: 0
Where did you get that pretty petz pony? and more importantly where can you find them now/

#4: Re: G3 Baits, Fakies, non-MLP stuff of all kinds! Author: lemontwistLocation: Eugene, OR PostPosted: 0
lol I got it from Goodwill actually, I have no idea where else to get them. You might try one of the fakie collecting websites out there.

My gosh this thread is kind of outdated.... I'll be updating it soon I think.

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