WARNING: SCAMMER ALERT! :scottishdeerhound1234 + balison123
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#106: Re: WARNING: SCAMMER ALERT! :scottishdeerhound1234 + baliso Author: LeegetaLocation: New York PostPosted: 0
I'm happy to hear about that missbonbon!!!

#107: Re: WARNING: SCAMMER ALERT! :scottishdeerhound1234 + balison123 Author: Star_GlowLocation: Michigan PostPosted: 0
Wow.... So THIS is Brooke? Nice unmasking via mugshot lol

This scammer has been infamous since the early days of the online MLP community. Thankfully I never had the displeasure of getting scammed. I can't believe she's a year older than me.

I am HIGHLY skeptical of any alleged mental issues. She is just a bad person to the core. She's been doing this for far too long, is too well-organized, and even knows how to credit card scam? Sounds like typical con artist trash to me.

#108: Re: WARNING: SCAMMER ALERT! :scottishdeerhound1234 + baliso Author: SternenstaubLocation: Germany PostPosted: 0
To keep you updated guys -

this afternone I read all threads about her and find out that she scammed one of my best friends here, too.
So I decided to write her to tell her that she cancel my bid. I also spoke to hubby and told him what I've read here about he person.

Well, when we came back home this evening I've had a message at ebay from her - you won't believe it, but she offeered me a buy now for one of her ponies - she also told me that she wants a fast transaction and that she gives the pony extra cheap away to me.

That was enough!

I replied her that I don't want a buy now and that I'm not longer interested in the pony. I wrote her that I find out that she scammed my best freind years ago and that I also noticed that she was blocked from ebay a few days before and that I'm honestly don't want to do business with a person who scammes my friends !!
I also asked her to cancel my bid, then in my opinion it's the best solution for everyone - I don't like bad surprises.

Guess what?
She canceled my bid and I got a very unfriendly message from her that I'm not allowed to bid again on her ponies and that it is my loose to believe my friends more then a honest ebay seller!!

Puuuhuhu I'm happy that she canceled my bid and tha I musn't buy from her at the end.
But I think her words say everything!

#109: Re: WARNING: SCAMMER ALERT! :scottishdeerhound1234 + balison123 Author: brighteyesLocation: NW Indiana PostPosted: 0
Wow, the nerve! I'm glad you were able to get your bid canceled though Sternenstaub.

#110: Re: WARNING: SCAMMER ALERT! :scottishdeerhound1234 + balison123 Author: RingletsLocation: Silverbells Manor UK...there's always room for more ponies!! PostPosted: 0
ugh! somehow I dont think that she has changed at all Sad
I'm so sorry to hear that she scammed your friend, Sternstaub, but glad that your bid got cancelled Hug

#111: Re: WARNING: SCAMMER ALERT! :scottishdeerhound1234 + balison123 Author: 01mlploverLocation: U.S. PostPosted: 0
Just blocked her from being able to bid on any of my auctions. So glad that she has been caught and the pony community is aware.

#112: Re: WARNING: SCAMMER ALERT! :scottishdeerhound1234 + balison123 Author: thatg33kgirlLocation: Fairfield, OH (Cincinnati area!) PostPosted: 0
I'm glad you were able to get it cancelled- and it seems really fishy. I'm glad that someone had a decent transaction, but I still don't trust her. Of course I don't ever trust a seller with 0 feedback, I don't care HOW good the deal is

#113: Re: WARNING: SCAMMER ALERT! :scottishdeerhound1234 + balison123 Author: lovesbabysquirmyLocation: Canadaaaaa! Calgary, Alberta! PostPosted: 0
If anyone learns her other IDs, please let us know! Sad

#114: Re: WARNING: SCAMMER ALERT! :scottishdeerhound1234 + balison123 Author: EterniaLocation: Alabama PostPosted: 0
wow. she has some really nice ponies.
shame they are all stolen Sad and people are bidding on them Sad

#115: Re: WARNING: SCAMMER ALERT! :scottishdeerhound1234 + baliso Author: FilthyLocation: Finland PostPosted: 0
You can apparently find her from facebook too.. Just in case someone needs to contact her.

#116: Re: WARNING: SCAMMER ALERT! :scottishdeerhound1234 + balison123 Author: LadyMoondancerLocation: Kooey Kooey Kooey PostPosted: 0
Novavelle wrote:
well people change, and hopefully for the benefit of the people who buy her ponies... they don't get scammed like everyone else has in the past.

Believe me, she has used up all her second chances . . . and her third chances . . . and her fourth chances . . . and her fifth chances.

Her method has always been to have a string of "good" trades to make the community think she's repented . . . then turn around and scam, scam, scam. Rinse and repeat, over and over.

She is not to be trusted.

Please believe me on this. I've been in the community since 1997 and have seen too many people find out the hard way.

#117: Re: WARNING: SCAMMER ALERT! :scottishdeerhound1234 + balison123 Author: sabathamkLocation: Winnipeg, MB, Canada PostPosted: 0
Interestingly, I cant find her on ebay... Confused not sure why. I wanted to make sure I can block her from my buying (I heard you can do that... haven't had to yet) but can't find her. Hmmm.

edit: I found her... now I know what 'counter' to watch for as well, haha. Interestingly I only found her through a link posted on here. None of her stuff came up in searches. How does that work? And 2 mimics? Aren't those rare? I feel so bad for everyone she scammed... I sure hope they can maybe get their ponies back somehow. Sad

#118: Re: WARNING: SCAMMER ALERT! :scottishdeerhound1234 + balison123 Author: ButtercreamDreamLocation: Ontario, Canada PostPosted: 0
sabathamk, were you using ebay.ca? I had the same problem. She didn't show up until I got on Ebay.com, because she's selling to the US only.

I have no problem with 0 feedback on ebay. Everyone's got to start somewhere. I just can't bare the thought of giving her money for stolen ponies. I wish she would try to return them to their owners.

BTW, what's to stop people from doing the same thing to her that she did to them to get their ponies back?

#119: Re: WARNING: SCAMMER ALERT! :scottishdeerhound1234 + balison123 Author: sabathamkLocation: Winnipeg, MB, Canada PostPosted: 0
It's funny, there have been many awesome listings i've missed out on because of that .ca fact. And I just don't clue into it, haha. I can ship to an address in the US, but I only do it when I know we are heading there within the month. And we just were there 2 weeks ago. Meaning not for awhile again. Sigh. I love shopping at Target! Smile

I'm afraid to shop listings with very little feedback because we did get scammed... twice... by someone who didn't ship. We waited 6 weeks... we contacted them, no contact back, nothing. Got our money back, thankfully. neither purchase was pony related.

#120: Re: WARNING: SCAMMER ALERT! :scottishdeerhound1234 + balison123 Author: emeryLocation: Illinois PostPosted: 0
ButtercreamDream wrote:
BTW, what's to stop people from doing the same thing to her that she did to them to get their ponies back?

It would be nice to give her a taste of her own medicine, but would you really want to become a scammer yourself? Tempting I know, just to stick it to her but I think it would backfire in the end. In the years since she ripped everyone off I think that Paypal seller protection has changed as someone did this exact same thing to me over a pair of jeans I sold (Miss Me brand so not cheap). The day after the delivery confirmation showed that they had arrived she whipped out a chargeback on her credit card. BUT since I did have delivery confirmation and proof that it was sent and delivered they did award me the money and went after her through the credit card company instead for mail fraud.

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