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#1: Tropical_Sunset's Art Thread Update 12/24 (bottom of p.1) Author: Tropical_SunsetLocation: Southern New Jersey PostPosted: 0
September 18th, 2011-
Just been having kind of a crappy time of it lately. This pretty much sums it up...

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#2: Re: Sad Ponysona Author: LinaLocation: Germany/Hannover PostPosted: 0
oh no... i'm sorry you're feeling like this. Sad
but the picture is beautiful nonetheless...

#3: Re: Sad Ponysona Author: AflameLocation: wales PostPosted: 0
aaawww so sad !! xaflamex

#4: Re: Sad Ponysona Author: ZennaBugLocation: Where the wild things are PostPosted: 0
Awww, I have days like that more often than I'd like to admit Hug Hope everything gets better soon! It's a beautiful picture though, that's a hard pose to get right and she looks lovely

#5: Re: Sad Ponysona Author: CassuLocation: Australia PostPosted: 0
Your poor thing! Your pic is awesome though.

#6: Re: Sad Ponysona Author: antlercatLocation: Liverpool, UK PostPosted: 0
I'm sorry to hear that. Seems a lot of people I've "met" lately are going through similar troubles.

I really hope you'll be okay.
Beautiful picture - really shows your feelings.


#7: Re: Sad Ponysona Author: eyeletLocation: Vidor, TX PostPosted: 0
Sad that's so sad, I'm sorry you're going through a hard time .. this is so pretty despite the sorrow ♥ your art is really gorgeous.

#8: Re: Sad Ponysona Author: heyheymandakayLocation: The Midwest PostPosted: 0
No! Don't be sad!!! Thats so cute and heartbreaking at the same time!

#9: Re: Sad Ponysona Author: Betelgeuse PostPosted: 0
AWWWWW. so cute but so sad!
I hope you are feeling better soon.
Your art is amazing.

#10: Re: Sad Ponysona Author: AmberMarieLocation: Idaho Falls, ID PostPosted: 0
I hope that you get the same thing out of art that I do... a chance to express.

I hope that this helped you. *HUG* Lots of pony love.

#11: Re: Sad Ponysona Author: GatorLocation: Down in Georgia, USA PostPosted: 0
I love this pose! Beautiful piece. And sadly, she looks how I feel most days.

#12: Re: Sad Ponysona Author: FirecloudLocation: Villahermosa, Tabasco Mexico PostPosted: 0
Really great job!! So sweet so sad Sad beautiful

#13: Re: Tropical_Sunset's Art Thread Updated 12/24 Author: Tropical_SunsetLocation: Southern New Jersey PostPosted: 0
December 24th, 2011-
Some more pony sketches. Guys, I can't stop drawing ponies. x_x

My%20pony%20character%20Midnight%20Sky,%20drawn%20in%20G4%20style. Tropical%20Sunset%20(my%20ponysona)%20and%20her%20pet%20fruit%20bat.%20<3 Tropical%20Sunset%20and%20her%20boyfriend%20(my%20husband's%20pony%20lol).%20%20He%20needs%20a%20name...%20 Yes,%20my%20husband's%20hair%20really%20does%20swirl%20like%20that.%20XD
An ATC of my friend Natalie and her boyfriend Scott as ponies! My first copic marker pic!

That's all for now. :3

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#14: Re: Tropical_Sunset's Art Thread Update 12/24 (p.1) Author: AlrakLocation: Alicante, Spain PostPosted: 0
D: dont be saaaaad Hug
Your art is so pretty^^ I love how you do the eyes Smile

#15: Re: Tropical_Sunset's Art Thread Update 12/24 (bottom of p.1) Author: MangoLocation: Western Australia PostPosted: 0
I'm sorry you're feeling low. Hug
But all your pictures are amazing, I love them all!

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