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#1: Trade List (Ornaments, G3 book figures, G4 acc. ect) Author: ShortyBooLocation: Bourbonnais, IL PostPosted: 0
I finally got a camera for Christmas, so I've added pics of everything. Sorry if the pics aren't great, this is my first digital camera and I'm not quite used to it yet. If you need additional pics of anything, feel free to ask. Oh, and I should probably mention that I often forget to check this thread, so if you're interested in trading, please PM me. So here's what I have to offer:

G4 Blind Bag Figures:
-%20Gardenia%20Glow:%20 -%20Applejack:%20 -%20Rarity:%20 -%20Twilight%20Sparkle:%20 -%20Pinkie%20Pie:%20 G4%20Ponies:
Celestia%20from%20Target%20exclusive%20set%20-%20she's%20new,%20straight%20out%20of%20the%20package.%20 -%20Valentine's%20Day%20Pinkie%20Pie%20-%20she's%20opened,%20but%20still%20has%20her%20ring.%20 Sweetie%20Belle%20-%20no%20forelock,%20brand%20new%20out%20of%20the%20package.%20She's%20from%20the%20Pony%20School%20Pals%20set.%20 Cheerilee%20-%20brand%20new%20out%20of%20package.%20From%20the%20Pony%20School%20Pals%20set.%20 G4%20Playsets%20&%20Accessories:
-%20Rarity's%20Carousel%20Boutique%20-%20I%20bought%20the%20set%20just%20for%20the%20bonus%20unicorn%20and%20have%20no%20room%20for%20this%20set.%20I%20also%20don't%20need%20another%20Rarity.%20It's%20new%20out%20of%20the%20box%20and%20includes%20all%20the%20accessories,%20as%20well%20as%20Rarity%20if%20you%20want%20her.%20If%20someone%20just%20wants%20the%20Carousel%20without%20Rarity,%20that's%20fine%20as%20well.%20 About%20Rarity,%20she%20has%20some%20dents%20(I%20tried%20to%20photograph%20them,%20but%20they're%20too%20small)%20on%20her%20leg%20from%20the%20packaging%20and%20from%20the%20saddle%20they%20had%20on%20her.%20They%20are%20already%20disappearing,%20and%20will%20eventually%20disappear%20all%20together.%20It%20happens%20a%20lot%20with%20G4%20packaging,%20but%20I%20thought%20I'd%20still%20mention%20it.%20Rarity%20also%20has%20some%20dirt%20on%20her%20(it%20came%20out%20of%20the%20package%20like%20this)%20mostly%20under%20her%20eye,%20but%20it%20looks%20like%20it%20will%20clean%20off%20pretty%20easily.%20Apparently%20the%20factory%20is%20dirty%20since%20I've%20gotten%20lots%20of%20dirty%20ponies.%20Also,%20there's%20a%20small%20brown%20mark%20on%20the%20tip%20of%20her%20NDS%20ear.%20I%20have%20no%20idea%20what%20it%20is,%20or%20if%20it%20will%20come%20off,%20but%20I've%20taken%20a%20pic%20of%20it:%20 -%20Lots%20of%20random%20G4%20accessories.%20I%20took%20individual%20pics%20of%20the%20larger%20items.%20 Serving%20Cart:%20 Cupcake%20Shelf:%20 Vanity:%20 Balloon%20Stand:%20 -%20Fashion%20Style%20Accessories%20-%20Mostly,%20these%20are%20from%20Rainbow%20Dash%20and%20Twilight%20Sparkle,%20but%20there's%20a%20few%20random%20pieces%20from%20other%20ponies,%20too. FS%20Twilight's%20Accessories:%20 FS%20Rainbow%20Dash's%20Accessories:%20 Misc%20FS%20Accessories:%20 -%20Barrettes%20-%20Most%20are%20from%20the%20FS%20ponies,%20but%20not%20all -%20G4%20Combs:%20 -%20Wagons%20&%20Saddles:%20 -%20Combs%20from%20the%202011%20McDonald's%20Ponies:%20 -%20G4%20Stampers%20-%20These%20aren't%20in%20the%20original%20packaging%20anymore,%20but%20they%20haven't%20been%20used.%20They've%20been%20sitting%20on%20display%20with%20my%20FiM%20merch%20since%20I%20got%20them,%20but%20I've%20decided%20I%20don't%20have%20room%20for%20them%20anymore.%20 G3/G3.5%20Stuff:
-%20Newborn%20Cuties:%20(all%20are%20in%20NM%20condition,%20but%20without%20accessories) Cheerilee%20-%20 Pinkie%20Pie%20-%20 Rainbow%20Dash%20-%20 Scootaloo%20-%20 Star%20Song%20-%20 Sweetie%20Belle%20-%20 Toola%20Roola%20-%20 G3%20Ponyville%20accessories: -%20Pink%20&%20white%20garden%20trellis%20swing:%20 -%20Orange%20stand%20with%203%20hot%20pink%20gumball%20machines%20(it's%20about%20the%20right%20size%20for%20G4s%20as%20well.)%20 G3%20Ornaments%20 -%202005%20Kurt%20Adler%20Minty%20ornament:%20 -%202005%20Kurt%20Adler%20Fizzy%20Pop%20ornament:%20 -%202006%20American%20Greetings%20Pinkie%20Pie%20ornament:%20,%20but%20it%20still%20shows%20a%20bit. G3%20Misc -%20Set%20of%20mini%20pony%20figures%20(smaller%20than%20Ponyville%20size)%20that%20came%20with%20the%20book%20\"Welcome%20to%20Ponyville\"%20I%20have%20all%20the%20ponies%20and%20the%20other%20accessories%20that%20it%20came%20with,%20but%20not%20the%20book%20itself%20or%20the%20plastic%20mat.%20They%20have%20some%20paint%20issues%20due%20to%20their%20small%20size,%20but%20it's%20not%20too%20bad.%20They'd%20be%20good%20for%20tiny%20customs. Cheerilee:%20 Pinkie%20Pie:%20 Rainbow%20Dash:%20 Scootaloo:%20 Star%20Song:%20 Sweetie%20Belle:%20 Toola%20Roola:%20 Other
- I have a bag of dessert themed puzzle erasers. Some are Iwako erasers and some are Craze Erasers. All are in very good condition. There are several types of cakes and tarts, ice cream, donuts, croissants, etc. I'd like to get rid of them all in one go. There's 14 total.

Filly Princess flocked figures:
Sultan Amin:
Princess Amira:


Here's a list of some of my most-wanted items right now:

G1 Ponies:
Baby Crumpet
Baby Rainribbon
Baby Starbow
Baby Sunribbon
Lemon Treats
Milkweed & Tumbleweed
Mint Dreams
Snookums & Sniffles
Sticky & Sniffles

G3 Ponies:
Brights Brightly
Minty with 3D symbols
2008 Holiday Minty

G4 Ponies:
Shine Bright Luna
Skywishes *may be getting soon*
Star Dreams *may be getting soon*
Star Swirl *may be getting soon*
Rainbow Dash with bangs
Diamond Rose
Cherry Pie

I don't care if the ponies are loose as I don't collect MIB, but I am kind of picky about marks or paint rubs/smudges on the display side.

G4 Animal Friends:
Butterfly (Pink & Purple version from Ride Along Fluttershy)
Turtle (Green & Yellow version from Ride Along Rainbow Dash)

G4 Blind Bag Ponies: (* indicates most wanted. And yes, I want the cards with them.)
Wave 1:
#8 Lily Blossom
#11 Fizzypop
#12 Flower Wishes
#16 Lemon Hearts
#18 Sweetie Swirl
#20 Sweetcream Scoops *
#24 Glitter Rainbow Dash *

Wave 2:
#8 Blossomforth *
#10 Star Swirl *
#13 Cheerilee *
#18 Rainbow Flash
#19 Pudding Pie *
#20 Snowcatcher
#21 Twinkleshine
#23 Glitter Applejack *
#24 Glitter Fluttershy *

Wave 3:
#4 Rainbowshine *
#6 Glow in the Dark Pinkie Pie
#9 Sprinkle Stripe *
#10 Sea Swirl *
#11 Big Macintosh *
#12 Glow in the Dark Twilight Sparkle
#14 Apple Dazzle
#18 Glow in the Dark Rarity
#22 Heartstrings *
#23 Noteworthy *
#24 Lucky Dreams *

Wave 4:
#3 Lulamoon *
#5 Minuette *
#6 Royal Riff *
#7 Pinkie Pie
#8 Merry May
#10 Chance-A-Lot
#12 Rarity Special Edition (metallic) *
#13 Twilight Sparkle
#15 Sassaflash
#16 Peachy Sweet
#17 Twilight Sky *
#18 Applejack Special Edition (metallic) *
#19 Rainbow Dash
#21 Amethyst Star *
#22 Twilight Velvet
#23 Shoeshine *
#24 Pinkie Pie Special Edition (metallic) *

Dolly Mix:

Other MLP Merch
H&M MLP Necklace & Bracelet set
2011 American Greetings Pinkie Pie ornament
2011 Brazil/Mexico McDonald's light-up Twilight Sparkle

Filly Princess:
Princess Pretty
Princess Crystal
Snow Queen

Hello Kitty Mega Bloks:
So, I'm not sure if anyone else here collects these, but they're blind bag figures made by Mega Bloks. I have a few, which I've crossed off, but if anyone has extras of the ones I don't have, I'd love to trade for them:

Littlest Pet Shop Blythe Dolls:
I don't need the whole set or the pets they come with, I just want the doll with her clothes and stand. I'd probably trade for any others I don't have listed, so just make an offer. The only one I have now is Buckles & Bows.
B14 (Prettiest in Pearls)
B17 (Desert Fun)
B23 (Tokyo Dressed for Tea)
B31 (Target B&W Fashion Shoot)
B33 (Target Get Pretty Boutique)

Tokidoki Unicorno:

I'd also probably be open to trading for certain Hello Kitty merch like figurines, McDonald's toys (especially non-US) or plush as well since I'm a big Hello Kitty addict. I also collect Filly Princess figures and anything with Princess Peach.

I just got a PayPal account, so I can now buy from anyone. So if anyone has any of the G4 blind bags or G4 ponies I need and wouldn't charge too much for them (meaning I don't want to pay much more than retail for them) and would rather sell than trade, I'd probably be interested in buying.

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#2: Re: G4 Styling Celestia for trade for G4 singles or blind bags Author: SweetScoopsLocation: Sweden PostPosted: 0
I have these items from your want list if you'd like to trade with me:
Daisy Dreams
and the following blind bags:
Sweetie Blue
Clear Pinkie Pie

Please PM me if you'd be interrested Smile

#3: Re: ShortyBoo's Trade List Author: ShortyBooLocation: Bourbonnais, IL PostPosted: 0
Celestia and her accessories are now gone. I edited the first post with what I have left and added some new items as well.

#4: Re: ShortyBoo's Trade List Author: Dee_KaryLocation: Mexico-US border PostPosted: 0
PM'ing you ^^

#5: Re: ShortyBoo's Trade List Author: ShortyBooLocation: Bourbonnais, IL PostPosted: 0
I added a few more things, including a few G4 Blind Bag ponies.

#6: Re: Trade List (Ornaments, G3 book figures, G4 acc. ect) Author: ShortyBooLocation: Bourbonnais, IL PostPosted: 0
New stuff added, and rearranged things to make it (hopefully) easier to read.

#7: Re: Trade List (Ornaments, G3 book figures, G4 acc. ect) Author: PurpleTinker PostPosted: 0
I have just about every Wave 3 G4 figurine, plus G4 Pinkie Pie ornaments, plus other goodies as well. Shoot me an email (prpltnkr at gmail dot com)!

#8: Re: Trade List (Ornaments, G3 book figures, G4 acc. ect) Author: ImmortalPandaLocation: Colorado PostPosted: 0
I have a minty with 3d symbols! She's loose too Smile

PM me if you are still interested in her, I'd love to trade! ^_^

EDIT; It seems she has a tail trim though.. I do believe I have a MIB one somewhere if you are still interested.

#9: Re: Trade List (Ornaments, G3 book figures, G4 acc. ect) Author: ShortyBooLocation: Bourbonnais, IL PostPosted: 0
Ok, I finally got a camera and took pics of everything I have for trade. I also added some new stuff. Please PM if interested because I tend to forget to check this thread. Thanks.

#10: Re: Trade List (Ornaments, G3 book figures, G4 acc. ect) Author: ShortyBooLocation: Bourbonnais, IL PostPosted: 0
Ok, it won't let me edit my first post (or any other for that matter) so I'll just post here for now. Gardenia Glow blind bag and the following G3 Storybook figures are now spoken for: Star Song, Sweetie Belle and Rainbow Dash.

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