Dragon Swap! Onward! 95% Complete!
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#1: Dragon Swap! Onward! 95% Complete! Author: ColorscapesartLocation: Small Town, OK PostPosted: 0
Grab your broadsword!

As an extra incentive for timely shipping, every swap member who ships before midnight on Monday the 21st will be entered into a free raffle for a basic custom (repaint, reroot any gen) of your choice from colorscapesart ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Congrats to DaffyDilly!
and a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who shipped on time!

Entries so far:

I was recently commissioned to do a dragon and they are SO fun! Quite the learning experience too! Any takers?

Time Frame:
July 29th-August 5th- Signs ups
Progress Update: October 1st
Ship Date: November 19th (15 working weeks)

As usual, we ask that participants are in no more than 3 swaps at one time.

This swap will feature two categories: sculpted and non sculpted dragons. Sculpting can be as simple as adding wings or a dragon friend of a pony's back to a completely sculpted dragon. Keep in mind both the time frame and the fact that you could create a massive re-sculpted work and receive a dragon pony that only has sculpted wings. Don't over commit yourself.

CSA - SHIPPED! colorscapesart's Custom Swap Dragon
thatg33kgirl - SHIPPED/RECEIVED!
magick - SHIPPED/RECEIVED! Magick's Custom Swap Dragon
Okami_Amaterasu - SHIPPED/RECEIVED! Okami's Dragon Swap Custom
Teasle - SHIPPED/RECEIVED!Teasle's Dragon Swap Custom
pantherchild - SHIPPED! Will be receiving replacement custom, in progresspantherchilds Dragon Swap Custom
Hannaliten - SHIPPED/RECEIVED! Hannliten's Custom Swap Dragon
Elisto - SHIPPED/RECEIVED! Elisto's Dragon Swap Custom
nativecentaur -Out- Replacement Custom Started
AllyKat - SHIPPED/RECEIVED! Allykat's Dragon Swap Custom
RevRuby - SHIPPED/RECEIVED!! Rev Ruby's Dragon Swap Custom
puuush - Extension January 15th/RECEIVED!
Griffin -SHIPPED/RECEIVED! Griffin's Dragon Swap Custom
SasukeRoxMySox2 -SHIPPED/RECEIVED! SasukeRoxMySox2s Dragon Custom (1/2 way down page)
Granate -SHIPPED/RECEIVED!Granate's Dragon Swap Custom
maycrestmom - SHIPPED/RECEIVED!maycrestmom's Dragon Swap Custom
sweetlittlejenny -SHIPPED/RECEIVED!Sweetlittlejenny's Dragon Swap Custom
ViciousJupiter - SHIPPED/RECEIVED! ViciousJupiter's Dragon Swap Custom

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#2: Re: Gauging Interest: Dragon Swap? Author: fiwen30Location: Ballygowan, Northern Ireland PostPosted: 0
That sounds excellent Smile good time frame for me too!

#3: Re: Gauging Interest: Dragon Swap? Author: Kimmers4EverLocation: California Desert PostPosted: 0

#4: Re: Gauging Interest: Dragon Swap? Author: TiellaLocation: Florida PostPosted: 0
Hmm I would be interested, can it be a painting of a dragon on a pony rather than a pony sculpted into a dragon?

#5: Re: Gauging Interest: Dragon Swap? Author: FlarewingLocation: Florida PostPosted: 0
Oh, yes! I would do this. I would do it with glee. Glee, I say.

#6: Re: Gauging Interest: Dragon Swap? Author: ColorscapesartLocation: Small Town, OK PostPosted: 0
Firewen- cool, time frames are tricky!

Tiella- yup, anything dragon goes!

Flarewing- lol!

#7: Re: Gauging Interest: Dragon Swap? Author: WinterSparkleLocation: Sweden PostPosted: 0
OF COURSE when I am at the time of taking a break from swaps and the pony world Dx

edit: Although... It IS quite a long timeframe and is not starting quite yet so... It WOULD be a great last swap before I take my break, I'll think about it. I would have to finish all my WIP before that but I had that in mind anyway. *Wants a Toothless pony*

#8: Re: Gauging Interest: Dragon Swap? Author: TeasleLocation: UK, but never to far from a pony! PostPosted: 0

I LOVE dragons... so defo count me in

I stopped doing swaps years ago, as I was finding that the ponies I was getting back, I was rebaiting - not everyone seemed to take such care over their swap ponies as they do now. I've been abit scared of joining in since then.

I defo want to be included, times have defo changed as far as how much effort people are taking now

#9: Re: Gauging Interest: Dragon Swap? Author: SasukeRoxMySox2Location: London UK PostPosted: 0
Count me in for sure!

#10: Re: Gauging Interest: Dragon Swap? Author: WinterSparkleLocation: Sweden PostPosted: 0
Teasle you make wonderful dragons *hugs my gizmo i commissioned you for*

#11: Re: Gauging Interest: Dragon Swap? Author: TeasleLocation: UK, but never to far from a pony! PostPosted: 0
awww, thanks hunny xx - glad you still love him Smile

#12: Re: Gauging Interest: Dragon Swap? Author: WinterSparkleLocation: Sweden PostPosted: 0
Of course I do after all he is my OC ^^

#13: Re: Gauging Interest: Dragon Swap? Author: VincentVJLocation: Nevada, US PostPosted: 0
How much feed back would you need?

#14: Re: Gauging Interest: Dragon Swap? Author: granateLocation: Málaga Spain PostPosted: 0
I love dragon!!!! It´s fantastic!!!

#15: Re: Gauging Interest: Dragon Swap? Author: Okami_AmaterasuLocation: Cádiz, Spain PostPosted: 0
Yes, I want, I love that idea, I love, I love^^.

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