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#1: ~~Handy Dandy Swap Listings~~ Author: ColorscapesartLocation: Small Town, OK PostPosted: 0
Note on Gauging Interest threads: You will see the threads over 30 days old will be moved to the bottom of this post. This way, they don't "clog" up the current gauging interest list. Also, any threads older than 6 months will be deleted so bookmark those topics if you wish to keep track of them longer than 6 months. Thanks! Smile

If you need to send in an important notice or have an update, please feel free to PM a customs mod. Thank you!

Current Swap Listing

Taking Sign Ups/Gauging Interest:

Mash-Up Swap - Sign ups January 1st-14th
Love Swap - Sign ups until January 1st
Animal Companions Swap - Sign ups until December 31st
Dr. Who Swap

Working (arranged by shipping date):

Digimon Swap - January 15th
Lolita Swap - January 27th
Cherry Blossom Swap- March 20th

Ship Date Passed:

Unofficial Baby Holiday Swap - December 12th
Unofficial Newbie Holiday Swap - December 10th
Twisted Fairy Tale Swap - November 30th
Dragon Swap - November 19th

Geek Swap
- October 31st
Under the Sea Swap - October 24th
Birthday Baby Swap - October 15th
Halloween Swap - October 12th
Persona to Zombie Swap - October 3rd
Newbie G1 to G4 Swap - September 1st
Video Game Character Swap - August 1st (DONE)
Harry Potter Swap - July 15th (DONE)
Literal Swap - July 8th (DONE)
Persona Palooza – July 1st/4th (DONE)
G4 Flower Swap - June 30th
Monster High Swap - June 1st
Around the World Pony swap - Ship Date: check thread

Important Swap Notices

Reminder: Do not over extend yourselves--only sign up for what you can complete!

Please remember to read the Custom Swap Rules & Guidelines.

*Please note that before entering any swap it's your responsibility to read the swap rules and check out references of the organizer, etc. MLP Arena is not responsible for any swap failures.

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#2: Re: ~~Handy Dandy Swap Listings~~ Author: heftysmurf76Location: Midlothian, VA PostPosted: 0
Thanks for taking the reigns on this Colorscapesart! and Congrats on your new mod status Flirty Pony

#3: Re: ~~Handy Dandy Swap Listings~~ Author: ColorscapesartLocation: Small Town, OK PostPosted: 0
Thanks Hefty! And a big thank you to Kanthaka for her awesome organizing skills.

<---- is not organized. lol.

#4: Re: ~~Handy Dandy Swap Listings~~ Author: KanthakaLocation: Misplaced PostPosted: 0
You're welcome! And I think someone else sneaked in to fix colors and font sizes, too.

#5: Re: ~~Handy Dandy Swap Listings~~ Author: ColorscapesartLocation: Small Town, OK PostPosted: 0
>.> <.< >.>

I smell something tropical.....I bet it was pop-girl!

#6: Re: ~~Handy Dandy Swap Listings~~ Author: WinterSparkleLocation: Sweden PostPosted: 0
LOL poor scapes ;P But thanks for starting this up ^^

#7: Re: ~~Handy Dandy Swap Listings~~ Author: TwizelLocation: Issaquah, Washington PostPosted: 0

#8: Re: ~~Handy Dandy Swap Listings~~ Author: KanthakaLocation: Misplaced PostPosted: 0
Hey all! I've been trying to keep this list up to date, but I keep noticing things I'm missing. If you see anything amiss, don't be afraid to point it out. Smile

#9: Re: ~~Handy Dandy Swap Listings~~ Author: BlackCurtainsLocation: Secret Laboratory PostPosted: 0
Just popping in to say that the Literal Swap is officially finished Smile

#10: Re: ~~Handy Dandy Swap Listings~~ Author: suzy.66Location: At the end of a rainbow.. PostPosted: 0
signed up for the Animal Companions Swap, but this will be great to have more/precised info on it though ....

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