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#1: Commission Artist thread - 2011 Author: SourdoughStomperLocation: Southern Alberta PostPosted: 0
Wow, another year passed. Time to start a new thread. (Here's the old one if you need it for copying and pasting.)

This is the thread to check if you're looking to commission someone for a drawing.

Artists, please fill out the following info, plus anything else you think important. Please use thumbnails or small images if you wish to show off your work, and/or links. Smile (Big images make the thread heavy or stretchy.)

Commissions are: open or closed
Art Samples:
Other important stuff (if any):

#2: Re: Commission Artist thread - 2011 Author: dizzinessLocation: Laa Laa Land PostPosted: 0
Email: (just simply PM me) dizziness @ thedizziness .com
Commissions are: OPEN
Type of Commissions:
~ Custom/Unique Pudgy Ponies
~ Persona Reference Sheet
~ Persona Sig and icon
~ Persona Badge
Mediums: Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, Copic markers
Art Samples:
DeviantArt link

Pudgy Pony w/Cutie mark Closeup:
%20%20 %20 %20 Ref.%20Sheet%20Examples: %20 %20 TRADITIONAL%20ART%20EXAMPLES:%20

Payment: Paypal
Shipping: Digital work doesn't need to be shipped.. all others, buyer's choice
Other important stuff (if any): Current Commissions THREAD here in the Arena. Discounts and Sales do pop up! heart

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#3: Re: Commission Artist thread - 2011 Author: LinaLocation: Germany/Hannover PostPosted: 0
Email: frozenfilly @ (PMs are fine too)
Commissions are: open
Mediums: Digital Art, Traditional Art, Customs
Art Samples: Most art will be found in this thread, I am currently working on another gallery and will update this post then. ^^
Payment: Paypal (or standard money transfer within the EU)
Shipping: will most likely not be needed for digital art ^^
Other important stuff (if any): not yet Flirty Pony
Pricing details:
Ref Sheets or Full digital coloured ponies without background, as they are found in my art thread, are available for 5€.

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#4: Re: Commission Artist thread - 2011 Author: miss_tunefulLocation: Sweden PostPosted: 0
Email: miss.tuneful @ (PMs are welcome, too)
Commissions are: OPEN!
Mediums: traditional (watercolour, acrylic, coloured pencil, marker, charcoal/graphite etc etc) and digital (PS and I might have access to Illustrator).
Art Samples: Old dA page my NEW dA!
Payment: via PayPal, and I can also trade for ponies!
Shipping: digital no need to be shipped, otherwise it's an extra cost that depends on where you live (standard shipping prices)
Other important stuff (if any): *to be updated*

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#5: Re: Commission Artist thread - 2011 Author: BladesparkLocation: Oregon PostPosted: 0
Screen Name: Bladespark
Email: spark.costumes @
Commissions are: Open!
Mediums: Traditional mediums of all sorts, but my specialty is bead sprites

Art Samples:

Also I have an extensive gallery of all kinds of art here:

Payment: I prefer paypal, but also accept check, money order, or cash at your own risk.

Shipping: Depends on what you're buying, but I try to charge no more than it actually costs to ship.

#6: Re: Commission Artist thread - 2011 Author: ramallamaLocation: CA PostPosted: 0
Screen Name: ramallama
Email: PM me!
Commissions are: OPEN
Mediums: Digital
Art Samples: DA Gallery
Payment: PayPal
Shipping: No shipping, I'll host the link privately for you to download.

I draw pretty much anything, EXCEPT ANTHRO!


#7: Re: Commission Artist thread - 2011 Author: leonaenaeLocation: Roanoke, Virginia PostPosted: 0
Screen Name: Leonaenae
Email: sweetfilly101 @ (Also you can simply PM me)
Commissions are: ALWAYS open
Also at the bottom is a tidbit on my Boyfriend and Best Friend's Small Business for Chainmail, Costumes, and Other Fun stuff
Mediums: digital, any traditional medium (pencil, pastels, paint, etc)
Art Samples: My DA
I will draw ponies, anime, and realism (equine and human)
As I draw newer things my Examples will Change =3
The more detail/ shading/ color/ etc The longer it will take. These take me a good while to complete.
%20%20 Semi-Realism
This%20comes%20the%20most%20naturally%20to%20me,%20and%20I%20knock%20these%20out%20within%20a%20couple%20days.%20I%20also%20mess%20with%20this%20style%20a%20lot,%20so%20if%20you%20do%20not%20want%20large%20hooves%20let%20me%20know! %20%20 My%20Little%20Pony
My%20pony'esque%20style%20<3%20Because%20I%20am%20a%20My%20Little%20Pony%20lover%20hehe %20%20%20 Anime
%20Varies Traditional%20Mediums%20will%20always%20cost%20more%20than%20Digital. Fullbody%20Ponies:
%20 If%20you%20do%20not%20want%20a%20fullbody%20pricing%20can%20be%20negotiated
%20$.75 Line%20Art:
%20$2.00 Digital%20Color:
%20$5.00 Traditional%20Color:%20
$10.00 Additional%20Ponies:
%20+$3.00%20per Background
%20Depending%20on%20Complexity%20+$5.00-$15.00 Anime
%20[S]%20$.75%20[LA]%20$1.50%20[DC]%20$3.00%20[TC]%20$5.00 Halfbody:%20[S]%20$1.50%20[LA]%20$3.00%20[DC]%20$5.00%20[TC]%20$8.00 Fullbody:%20[S]%20$2.00%20[LA]%20$4.50%20[DC]%20$10.00%20[TC]%20$20 Payment:%20I%20prefer%20Paypal,%20but%20Personal%20checks,%20cashiers%20check,%20money%20order,%20cash,%20and%20ponies%20are%20also%20welcome%20(All%20in%20USD) Shipping:%20Is%20extra,%20I%20keep%20it%20as%20low%20as%20possible Of%20course%20receiving%20art%20via%20EMAIL%20is%20always%20free ++++++++++++ Custom%20Creation%20Trinkets DeviantArt%20Page Elizabeth%20Clark%20#540-597-9095%20(Costumes/Cosplay/Jewelry) Raymond%20Whitis%20#540-330-7655%20(Chainmail;%20Bikinis,%20Shirts,%20Rings,%20Bracelets,%20and%20more)

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#8: Re: Commission Artist thread - 2011 Author: MoonbreezeLocation: The Netherlands PostPosted: 0
Screenname: Moonbreeze
Email: PM Poke Tounge
Commissions are: Open
Mediums: Photoshop CS5, pencils
Art Samples:
%20%20 %20 Pencil: %20

More at Pony DA and NPA DA

Payment: Paypal or banktransfer
Shipping: If you want to
Other important stuff (if any): nope

#9: Re: Commission Artist thread - 2011 Author: GriffinLocation: Turku, Finland PostPosted: 0

Email: PM preferred; haawan(at)
Commissions are: Open
Traditional, mixed media: watercolour, ink, markers, acrylic, collages (scrapbooking papers etc. for background).

I can do simple digital images (reference sheets, adoptables etc.) but no full paintings, as I only have the mouse to work with.

For custom commissions, see the Customs forum.

Art Samples:

ATCs and postcards
%20%20%20%20 Adoptables/digital %20 Non-pony%20art%20(see%20deviantART%20for%20more) %20%20%20%20

Payment: Paypal, please. I can also trade for ponies. ^^
- inked sketch ~3.5€ (approx. $5)
- A6 folded postcard ~4€ (approx. $6)
- A5 with collage bg ~8€ (approx. $11.5)
- digital reference sheet 5€ (approx. $7)
For bigger pictures, full paintings and non-pony art prices PM/email me.

Shipping: I prefer to ship all my traditional work, as they never look quite the same scanned. The shipping cost depends on the size and weight, a single postcard sized item shouldn't cost more than 1€ ($1.3) to ship.

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#10: Re: Commission Artist thread - 2011 Author: KoudoawaiaLocation: Kentucky PostPosted: 0
Email: PM works fine or KristynLioness @
Commissions are: OPEN
Mediums: Pencil, pen, colored pencil and digital
Art Samples: All prices and examples can be found in this DA journal:

Payment: Paypal
Shipping: Add an extra $2. I can ship anywhere in the world, it'll just take a little extra time to get there if you're outside the U.S.

Other important stuff (if any): I own an art-related company so if something does get shipped, I have to charge sales tax since then I've sold physical merchandise rather than just a file copy. I can also draw a wide variety of subjects, fan mlp characters included. I just can't take commissions of copyrighted characters such as a pony from the shows since that wouldn't be legal.

#11: Re: Commission Artist thread - 2011 Author: NoasarLocation: Manchester, UK PostPosted: 0
Screen Name: Noasar
Commissions are: OPEN
Mediums: Traditional: Pencil, Acrylic, Oil, Ink, Pencil, Pastel. Or Digital. All digital work is done using a Wacom Intuos4 tablet and Photoshop CS3
Art Samples: My DA account:
Payment: Paypal or cheque, or G1 ponies!
Shipping: Free.

For more work and larger images, go to my DA account:

#12: Re: Commission Artist thread - 2011 Author: lizstaleyLocation: Waynesboro, PA PostPosted: 0
Email: dynamitecandy @
Commissions are: OPEN
Mediums: Ink, Marker, Digital (I also like colored pencils and watercolor but I don't do them much)
Art Samples: You can see my art at

Currently I'm doing ink/marker Art Cards for $5+shipping (which is cheap, even international). I'll do larger pieces but they will take me awhile to finish since I'm working a lot of overtime right now. (Usually I do laminated badges and bookmarks as well but at the moment I have no access to a laminator.)
Payment: I very much prefer Paypal.
Shipping: Digital pieces will be emailed, and I will send a high-res file for the commissioner to print for their PERSONAL USE. Traditional art pieces can be shipped if the commissioner would like the original, just have to pay the shipping.
Other important stuff (if any): I usually expect at least a 50% deposit for commissions before I'll start work. This is non-refundable.
I like drawing anime, anthros/furries, mecha, interesting characters, wings, cute things, Steampunk, and pirates.


#13: Re: Commission Artist thread - 2011 Author: ElistoLocation: Maryland/DC PostPosted: 0
Email: elistodragonwings @ yahoo . com
Commissions are: open
Mediums: Traditional: ink, colored pencil, acrylic ($5-$10)
Themed trinket/jewelry boxes ($10 and up)

Art Samples:
traditional pony art
inked and colored

Payment: PayPal preferred, check, money order
Shipping: USPS, $2. $3 for most jewelry boxes. I will ship international, but cost will vary

Other important stuff (if any):
You can look at my deviantArt gallery and pick a style that you like (I prefer not to do a realistic style for MLP however). I am also a big Sonic the Hedgehog fan and willing to do non-pony art as well.

#14: Re: Commission Artist thread - 2011 Author: TokiLocation: England PostPosted: 0
Email: PM me if you like, but if need be, you can reach me on hokutoneko @ yahoo .co .uk
Commissions are: OPEN
Mediums: Photoshop mostly (and preferaby), but I can and sometimes do use illustrator, OC, Painter, Letrasets, zbrush, flash, etc.
Art Samples:
(click thumbnails for full size. More pony art on my thread in this forum, HERE. )
I can draw and shade in a fair few styles, this here is 'softshade' Rainbow Dash

Next,%20%20a%20'softcel'%20shaded%20Fleet%20and%20then%20my%20own%20pony,%20Kale,%20also%20softcel.%20%20Sorry%20about%20the%20simple%20standing%20pose,%20it's%20all%20I've%20got%20in%20colour%20atm. I%20can
%20do%20more%20creative%20poses(see%20sketches),%20I%20just%20don't%20have%20colour%20samples.%20Similarly,%20I%20can%20colour%20in%20pure%20cel-shade%20if%20you%20would%20like,%20but%20currently%20I%20don't%20have%20a%20pony%20sample%20of%20that.%20 I%20also%20do%20quick%20sketches,%20here%20are%20a%20few%20popped%20in%20one%20picture,%20but%20there's%20plenty%20more%20on%20my%20gallery%20thread.%20

I have a LOT of different styles of drawing none pony stuff. If you're interested in something none pony, ask me about it.
Payment: Preferably Paypal, though I can also take UK cheques. (I will also accept concealed cash (English currency only) in the post, but I wouldn't recommend it, and if it gets lost in the post or the post office confiscates it, I wont take responsibility).
Shipping: None needed. It's mostly all digital, so I'd email or PM you the finished art.
Other important stuff (if any): To be updated with prices shortly, but feel free to make an offer in the meantime.

The prices I'm offering are for 'My Little Pony' art only. I can and most often do draw humans, both anime and realism, as well as other animals, fantasy critters, and furries/anthros, even mechs to an extent, but I will charge more for none-pony pictures. I have lowered the price for ponies because of how much I like drawing them, how much more simple they are than humanoids for me, and how drawing them is more like fun than work. (If you're a Hetalia fan and want to commission Hetalia fanart, I'll probably do that cheaper too because Hetalia = win! Especially Iggy, Canada and Prussia!)
I'm not limited to illustrations, if you want a comic, refrence sheet or even a flash dressupgame (example I made at Christmas here), I can do those too, just tell me what you want and we'll work out a price.

#15: Re: Commission Artist thread - 2011 Author: Glittering_StarshowerLocation: Ponyville PostPosted: 0
Email: jessiekitsune @
Commissions are: open
Mediums: digital and traditional
Art Samples: DeviantArt
Examples of fully colored, inks, and sketch art.
Payment: paypal preference
Shipping: digital preferred, USPS otherwise packaged appropriately
Other important stuff (if any): I can do character design as well as illustration. I LOVE to do character sheets and designs for cutie marks too! Smile

Prices are as follows:

~Sketches are $5
~Inks are $7
~Digital Colors are Varied. It depends on how long it takes and how much detail is in the line art. Samples: [link] , [link] (Fully finished with background)
`flat colors--$10-12
`fully finished (no background)--$18-20
`Fully finished (with background)--$23-25

-> Pony Art

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