My wish list :) But only trading atm. Thanks
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#1: My wish list :) But only trading atm. Thanks Author: AlrakLocation: Alicante, Spain PostPosted: 0

Im looking for set completers:


-Seaflower (sunshine)
-Sanddigger (sunshine)
-Shorelines (sunshine)

-TE Quackers (upgrade)

-Princess Starburst

-Cranberry Muffins

ponies i'd love to have / set starters


SS Cupcake ANY CONDITION! i'll probably deflock her!
SS Magic Star
SS Scrumptious
SS Angel
SS Bouncy (and baby)

TAF Milky way

BB Salty
BB Slugger
BB 4 Speed No grey ones Wink i dont care the pink streak
BB Steamer
BB Quarterback
BB Chief
BB Wigwam


Apple Delight Family: Daddy and babies
Mommy Sweet celebration

Baby Gusty

Pillow talk
Pink Dreams

MB Tornado
MB Ice Crystal
MB Sunburst
MB Thundercloud

MM Floater

MGR Sunnybunch
MGR Flower Bouquet
MGR Brilliant Blossoms
MGR Diamond Dreams
MGR Sparkler

CC Lemon Treats
CC Mint Dreams


SHS - I adore SHS, and only have wild flower! so any is welcome Smile
A white bait would be awesome, i have plans to make this pony:

GN'S Starglow

g3 - I love g3 X3 beach theme ones and pegasi:

-Lavender Lake set completer!
- Any sweetie belle not themed.
-Winter Minty!!!!
- Fluttershy
-Aurora Mist
-Cloud Climber
-Daisy May
-Hidden Treasure
-Pearly Pie
-Royal Rose
-Silver Glow
-Snow’El ’07
-Star Catcher II (no cloth wings)
-Starsong <--- less wanted
-Twinkle Bloom
-Windy Wisp
-August Breeze
-Morning Glory
-Ocean Dreamer
- Seascape
- Pumpkin Tart
- Candy Apple
- Flower Wishes
- Sunshimmer
- Seaspray
- Surf Star
- Tangerine Twinkle
- Whistle Wishes

G4 - every single pony!!! i want them all!!! B:
- Applejack
- Cheerilee + Scotaloo + Apple Bloom + Sweetie belle set
- Lily Blossom
- Dewdrop Dazzle
- Blossomforth
- Cupcake
- Feathermay
- Flitterheart
- Honeybuzz
- Twinkleshine
- Secret Wish
- Snowcatcher
- Minty
- Luna + Celestia set (celestia with same size than the others)
- Starbeam twinkle
- Blind bag ponies!!!

Please read:

I do not like to have any accesories. Missing SHS earrings are ok too.
The ponies does not have to be mint, but i do not buy ponys with missing parts, a lot of cancer, mold or with different body / head colors, even if this is difficult to notice.

I dont mind; little haircuts, 2 - 3 missing plugs, ink marks, dry hair, one or two dots of regrind, little rubs to symbols. One or two dots of cancer are ok on htf ponies. Faded hair.

Additional info; i dont have all the ponies who dont are on the list, this is only what i want to have most X3
My collection is here: collection
I dont like: happy tails, BBE(they scare me) and Dance 'n Prance Ponies
Favourite ponies (for art and such): Fizzy, Tex, Mimic, Thundercloud, Cupcake, All the sweetberry ponies, Beachball, Lofty, Citrus sweetheart, Fluttershy, BigMac, TwilightSparkle, Sweetcream scoops.

Swap info:

Favourite colors: Orange, hot pink, neon yellow, lime green, black
Favourite music: Power metal (blind guardian <3 )
Favourite animal: Dragons, horses in all their variants, lions, kitties, wolves.
Favourite books (dont send me books, they are heavy!!); anything by Neil Gaiman, discworld, song of ice and fire, lord of the rings, harry potter, anne rice's vampires.
Things i collect: Magic the gathering dragons (in foil), i like bella sara cards and LPS, but im not actively collecting these. Smile
Monster High!!!:
Classroom Lagoona

No kids, no pets :/
I like to read, sew, plushes, kawaii things, i love to draw too, and im starting into customizations^^. I am a cook so supersecret recipes are welcome ;D
Do not like jewellry, zombie/gorey stuff, super pink stuff.

Thanks for looking^^

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#2: Re: My wish list :) Author: fairyheartLocation: US PostPosted: 0
Hi. I have a Speedy if you're interested:

#3: Re: My wish list :) Author: AlrakLocation: Alicante, Spain PostPosted: 0
pmed back Smile

#4: Re: My wish list :) Author: AlrakLocation: Alicante, Spain PostPosted: 0

no mimics? :O Confused

#5: Re: My wish list :) -Mimic- Author: AlrakLocation: Alicante, Spain PostPosted: 0

#6: Re: My wish list :) Author: AlrakLocation: Alicante, Spain PostPosted: 0
Thank you for help me with twinkle eyes, i finally complete the set^^

#7: Re: My wish list :) Author: AlrakLocation: Alicante, Spain PostPosted: 0
bump! my birthday is coming and i have some money to spend!
Id love to have the princesses, cupcake or any of the sweetberries or the sunshines.

Thank you : D

#8: Re: My wish list :) Author: cloud_weaverLocation: St. Paul, MN PostPosted: 0
Are you looking for prin ess accessories at all

#9: Re: My wish list :) Author: AlrakLocation: Alicante, Spain PostPosted: 0
Only the princeses^^

#10: Re: My wish list :) Author: NapperLocation: Tennessee PostPosted: 0
I've got these two for sale if you're interested.

SS Magic Star
TAF Dancing Butterflies

#11: Re: My wish list :) Author: AlrakLocation: Alicante, Spain PostPosted: 0
Thank you very much to all that offered they awesome ponies to me Hug

I will have a super birthday present YAY!

I will keep in mind all the offers i have not choose this time for future shopping sprees^^

Thanks Flirty Pony

#12: Re: My wish list :) Author: AlrakLocation: Alicante, Spain PostPosted: 0
I need a horn, sized for g3! A bait g3 unicorn will be fine too heart

#13: Re: My wish list :) Author: puuushLocation: Hamburg, Germany PostPosted: 0
I have MGR Sunnybunch and MGR Brilliant Blossoms. I'm home tomorrow and would take some pictures for you then.

#14: Re: My wish list :) Author: gizmo85Location: united kingdom PostPosted: 0
i have gypsy for sale if your intrested:)

#15: Re: My wish list :) Author: AlrakLocation: Alicante, Spain PostPosted: 0
Sorry, my mistake for not being clear...silly me!
i just want a g3 unicorn bait or just the horn (apoxie, whatever)
i know is weird, lol but i have a DaisyJo waiting to be boysenberry pie ;D
Dont have money for more! Christmas has left my wallet empty, bad christmas >:C
puuush that Brilliant blossoms tempt me A LOT! And Sanddigger, and P. Serena...quick! kill me before its late! XD

-> Wanted!

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