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#1: LPS Wish lists. Author: MLPMomLocation: Babysitting all the naughty mods, it is a full time job! PostPosted: 0
Please use this thread to post your wishlists here. We ask that you please just edit your post as your wishes change so we can keep this thread as easy to read as possible. If you have any questions please feel free to PM DSS or myself. Smile

#2: Re: LPS Wish lists. Author: pixidanceLocation: Bob farted PostPosted: 0
Do you mind if we include pictures? small ones?

#3: Re: LPS Wish lists. Author: MLPMomLocation: Babysitting all the naughty mods, it is a full time job! PostPosted: 0
That is a good question Pixi, pictures are just fine. Smile In fact they are a great idea since there are a lot of repaints of pets out there. Wink

#4: Re: LPS Wish lists. Author: MoonyLocation: Home of the MSU Spartans! PostPosted: 0
Wishlist of Moony:
Oh neato frito! Whispersofthewind! I had to copy your idea, hope you don't mind xD That is so cool! They have them all on the website Smile I guess I do like more than I thought Poke Tounge heres my new list Happy

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#5: Re: LPS Wish lists. Author: WhispersOfTheWind PostPosted: 0
Here's my wishlist Smile (Is the picture too big? I can resize it if it is)

#6: Re: LPS Wish lists. Author: skylineLocation: Sydney, Australia PostPosted: 0
I can't resist! If I were to buy any LPS, these are the sets (vintage) top of my list:

- Deep sea divers (can be loose pets! I just want the octopus, snail & two sea horses)
- Duck/ducklings from the swimming duckling set
- Royal Bombay kitty
- Royal pony carriage
- Kitty-be-mine/kitty neck charms jewellery

#7: Re: LPS Wish lists. Author: BridgetsMumLocation: California PostPosted: 0
I'll develop this more later but for now I'm looking for these:

first Ferret

#8: Re: LPS Wish lists. Author: rustyRAINBOWLocation: kamloops, bc, canada PostPosted: 0
i'm with you bridgets mum. anyone have the spideR?

#9: Re: LPS Wish lists. Author: BridgetsMumLocation: California PostPosted: 0
The spider is out of stock currently at Hasbro's Toy shop. Sad

#10: Re: LPS Wish lists. Author: Kitari PostPosted: 0
I have the spider from the tin that I got before Christmas from Target. She's cute and that says a lot for someone with arachnophobia.

#11: Re: LPS Wish lists. Author: Leapersmom22Location: Kansas City PostPosted: 0
I have both spiders but I am not sure I can part with one...which do you think people like more the purple one or the pink one?

The only one I am really really wanting is the white mouse Smile Let me know if anyone has one that they want to sell or maybe trade...I have a bunch of rabbits looking for new homes.

#12: Re: LPS Wish lists. Author: LadySatineLocation: I can tell you where I wish I was...Miami! PostPosted: 0
Okay, I've got a little want list now! ^_^ I wub guinea pigs, so of course, I'm looking for the guinea pigs. I also threw in a few more. Thank you! Smile

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#13: Re: LPS Wish lists. Author: jupiternwndrlndLocation: my happy place PostPosted: 0
(i should remember to update this more often heh)

Penguin: Black, no fuzz
German Shephard: Tan, Dark Brown Accents, Green Eyes (Pet Nooks)
Horse: Brown (Raceabout Ranch)
Horse: Cream, Blue Saddle (Target Dioramas)
Horse: White (Raceabout Ranch)
Raccoon: Brown
Cream/yellow Ferret and Raccoon set

always looking for the ferrets WITHOUT the big heads (original brown and butterscotch)

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#14: Re: LPS Wish lists. Author: KagriLocation: Netherlands PostPosted: 0
Okay, my one and only wish is:


I know it's not released yet, but please, if it ever will be (or any other breed that looks like Fox Terrier), could somebody get him for me?? Smile

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#15: Re: LPS Wish lists. Author: TynincaLocation: the netherlands Age: *Sigh* 32 Number off pony's :1232+ PostPosted: 0
sofar I can only trade

lets talk birds first

I need 294 valentine tubes bird MIB
43 purrfection Salon,GBC bonus or playsetgift, bleu bird loose or mib
205 petpairs pale pink bird loose or MIB
206 petpairs bleu bird white tuft loose or mib
12 pink bird, single,pet pairs,springtubes 2006 20pk1 and 20pk2
5pks Loose or MIB
NA bird,yellow sring tubes 2006 MIB
232 bird, baby bleubird kohls spring egg MIB
234 bird, baby pinkbird Target spring egg 2007 MIB
284,chick yellow, green eyes target single loose or mib
278, cockatoo pink, target valentine 2007 MIB
59, cockatoo white loose or mib
199, petpairs loose or mib
108, seaside celebration MIB
247 yellow duck??spring basket 2007 MIB
NA white duck spring tubes 2006 MIB
147 owl portable pets loose or mib

well thats a lot of birds I need

sooo who can help me???
alsow want the 20pk1 and 20 pk2 MIB iff possible

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