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Forums » Creativity » Pony Art » Commission Artist thread - 2011
Commission Artist thread - 2011
Got Art? Want Some? Display and discuss here
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Dazzle Surprise

Joined: Jul 04, 2006
Posts: 600
Location: Montevideo, Uruguay

PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: Commission Artist thread - 2011

Email: just a PM will be great, I check my inbox very often

Commissions are: OPEN

Mediums: Fireworks CS5

Art Samples: Here are some examples of my vectorial ponyart style

Also you can check my MLP arena gallery for bigger versions of this examples or for other different artworks.

Payment: Will love to trade my artworks for G4 ponies. One pony per artwork will be 1 G4 pony toy. They don´t have to be mint, just loose ones in good display conditions will be cool. Of course we can see other options if you want to commission me but don´t have G4 ponies for trade, I have a paypal account so will be easy.

Shipping: I work digital, so no needed. I´ll email you the finished art in HQ.

Feedback: I´m at the Arena since 2006, you can check my trader feedback here. I´ll ask you for some when your commission is done.

Other important stuff:

By now I´m only doing commissions in my vectorial style (like the examples above) and mostly want to trade them for G4 ponies as I´m from Uruguay, South America and here ponies aren´t easy to get. Here is my wishlist. I´m very friendly, so feel free to write me a PM with any doubt or idea you might have.

Thanks a lot!


My Ponyart Gallery | Trader Feedback | My Wishlist | Commissions OPEN!

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So Soft Pony

Joined: Jul 17, 2011
Posts: 479
Location: Idaho Falls, ID.

PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: Commission Artist thread - 2011

Email: I prefer to communicate via PM, but if you really want to converse over e-mail, please send a PM for my address first!
Commissions are: Open!!!
Mediums: Sculpey clay.
Art Samples: All of my past Sculpey work can be seen here, but these two are my only pony examples. I can do more than ponies, but I figure they're what most people here would want. Pones are $3 each, and I can do any pony you like, including OCs! Cutie marks *will* be simplified.
Payment: Payment is either made over Paypal in USD, or can be made in ponies! Ponies will generally get you 3+ Sculpey commissions, but it'll always be a case-by-case basis with the pony's generation, rarity, condition, and how much I want them taken into account. I will accept all generations and almost any condition. USD commissions are rarely more than $10, and average less than $5. PM for an exact price or pony quote. :]
Shipping: Shipping is not included in the base price, but normally isn't more than $1-3 within the US. I've never shipped outside the US before, but I'm willing to ship anywhere.
Other important stuff: I can also do photography (ponies, people, pets, anything really), but for that you'd need to be local or come to me. I must warn that I am by no means professional and photos must be taken outdoors with natural lighting. However I will be cheap and am happy to work with customers by re-editing or re-taking photos as much as needed at little to no cost! I mostly just want more practice. :]

Avatar by dippindot. Sig is rotating, please PM for artist info!

| dA | pony site | commissions | adoptables | wanted ad |
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Custom Bait Pony

Joined: Sep 07, 2005
Posts: 28
Location: Tucson, AZ

PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: Commission Artist thread - 2011

Email: diesel.artist @
Commissions are: open
Media: Marker, Illustrator
Art Samples:
Payment: PayPal
Shipping: free for digital; snail mail is insured and delivery confirmation
Other important stuff (if any): Pricing differs depending on the piece.
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Mighty Morphin Power Pony

Joined: Aug 14, 2011
Posts: 108
Location: Texas, USA

PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: Commission Artist thread - 2011

Email: mad.march @ or PMing me is fine

Commissions are: Open

Mediums: Photoshop CS3

Art Samples: My DeviantArt

Payment: Paypal, or ponies for smaller simpler pieces

Shipping: Digital pieces will be emailed

Other important stuff (if any): I'll do full artsy stuff and simpler vector refs or chibis.

Mad-March at deviantArt
Commissions open!
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Beddy Bye Eye Pony

Joined: Jun 21, 2011
Posts: 20
Location: Indiana

PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: Commission Artist thread - 2011

Email: suricatecheese @
Commissions are definitely open!
Media: SAI, pencil/marker/etc if you prefer, though!
Art samples: Please read my thread on tumblr about commissions! Happy I offer both vector and raster/sketch ponies!

Payment: USD via Paypal is preferred, but I can negotiate!
Shipping: None--I work in digital. Unless you REALLY want a physical drawn pony..?
Other important stuff: I would really, really appreciate commissions! My car broke down and I lost my job as a result, so that's why I'm offering them. Thank you!
I will consider non-pony commissions as well, check the art tag in my tumblr's sidebar!
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Drink 'n' Wet Pony

Joined: Oct 18, 2011
Posts: 11
Location: Tennessee

PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: Commission Artist thread - 2011

Email: otakugal15 @
Commissions are: Open~
Mediums: Digital Art - Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop
Art Samples:

More samples can be found here:
Tumblr - Ponies Tag

Payment: Paypal only. Same as email above.
Shipping: N/A
Other important stuff (if any): What I'm offering to draw and prices can be found here:
Commission Info - Shannonigans Art Tumblr

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Dance N' Prance Pony

Joined: Jul 03, 2011
Posts: 171

PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: Commission Artist thread - 2011

Email: PM here at the arena

Commissions are: OPEN

Mediums: Digital, any size

Art Samples:
Vector Samples -
Sketch/Raster/Animated Gif Samples -

Payment: Paypal *OR* trade for blind bag ponies
$5 / 1 blindbag pony for 1 character image
$5 / 1 blindbag pony EXTRA for background

Shipping: Will send high resolution image, any size, via email

Other important stuff (if any): If you have a deadline, for example a birthday or holiday that you wish to have the artwork for, please make me aware ahead of time to ensure it is completed on time.


CloudBurst Reference

Thanks PrincessStarlily for my avatar! Signature is rotating, PM for artist info! : )
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Dance N' Prance Pony

Joined: Nov 05, 2011
Posts: 174
Location: Florida

PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: Commission Artist thread - 2011

Well, compared to these guys I am nothing. Anyways I do repaints. Like Ponies redone to look like different Ponies that don't appear in the show.

Like this:

Also I do this for free, just give me a Private Message and I will see what I can do.


My Want Thread:
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Lil Sweetcake Sister Pony

Joined: Jan 31, 2010
Posts: 1070
Location: WV

PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: Commission Artist thread - 2011

Hey guys~! X3 My prices are super cheap, a full color pic with shading and a background is only $1.50~!

Email: rika_kitty91 @

Commissions are: OPEN~!

Mediums: Digital

Art Samples:

I also do plenty of non-pony stuff like Pokemon and cute anthros~! Check out more here~

Payment: Paypal, but I will trade art for ponies~!

Other important stuff (if any): Full price guide, as well as a more detailed list of what I can/can't do can be found here~ rika-of-thunder.devian...-220266934

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Bratz Pony

Joined: Nov 07, 2011
Posts: 8

PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: Commission Artist thread - 2011

Email: moonspotted @
Commissions are: Open
Mediums: Digital
Art Samples:

My dA is here!
Payment: $10 paypal or trade for pony on my wantlist!
Shipping: Original size image through email.
Other important stuff (if any): Only offering flat-coloured ponies at the moment, like the above examples.
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Rockin Beat Pony

Joined: Aug 26, 2011
Posts: 203
Location: London, UK

PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: Commission Artist thread - 2011

<b>Email:</b> the.dark.within @

<b>Commissions are:</b> VERY open Happy

<b>Mediums:</b> Photoshop CS5 + Wacom Bamboo, although I do the lineart traditionally. I can also do colour pencils or watercolours, although I don't have any to show right now.

<b>Art Samples:</b>Digital Pegasus,Digital Pony,Digital Unicorn,Colour Pencils Unicorn,Something Different xD

For more art, please check my Online Portfolio! Happy

<b>Payment:</b> Paypal only for now, sorry !

<b>Shipping:</b> Digital art by e-mail, traditional by mail (I ship worldwide and I have done it before, so no worries Flirty Pony )

<b>Other important stuff:</b> I strive to become an animator, but also work as an illustrator and comic artist. If you have a bigger project at hands, need another pair of hands and like my work, PM or e-mail me, as I am looking for a job or at least a bit of income. Thank you ! Energetic

Oh, I also do other things ! Please check my portfolio to see them~ Also, I you can pay my work with ponies~ PM me for info if you are interested ! Thank you~

My introduction ! My wishlist ! Fakies for sale !

deviantART, commissions are open, check for info !
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Secret Surprise Pony

Joined: Nov 06, 2011
Posts: 100
Location: Germany

PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: Commission Artist thread - 2011

Post in my ArtShop or
Mail me: vanillavirus @

Photoshop, Paintool SAI

Commissions are:

Art Samples:
My DeviantArt

Virus Style
Chibis FiM

MLP FiM Style:
Virus%20Style: %20 Chibi%20(MLP%20FiM): %20%20


Only do digital art atm C:
(If requested i can do traditional art, too)

Other important stuff (if any):
Vist my Shop here (VanillaVirus): ArtShop
I also do Comissions for ponyhair and stuff (to customize my ponys /smiles/)

I´ll be happy to get some orders from you!


ArtShop | Comissions | DeviantArt | PonySona | My Adoptables

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Joined: Nov 17, 2011
Posts: 24
Location: Home o3o

PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: Commission Artist thread - 2011

Email: akumahino @

Commissions are: open only for ponies at the moment <3

Mediums: Digital

Art Samples:
Full sized view of Mystic Rune can be seen here

Payment:Snail Mail or Paypal, both are okay
Pony prices:
Sketches: 1$
Colored Headshots: 1$
Colored Full body: 5$
Shading and Highlighted: 8$
Add a background: +2$

Shipping: All done digitally, no need for shipment
Other important stuff (if any): I have a lot of different styles that I can use.
I can do ponies, humans, anthros, and maybe some others, just ask <3

More examples of what I can do:


Thanks to SabakunoHana on DeviantArt for drawing SunMist
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Brush N Grow Pony

Joined: Oct 22, 2011
Posts: 291
Location: Ponyland! 8D

PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: Commission Artist thread - 2011

Email: starluck @ gmail . com
Commissions are: OPEN
Mediums: Photoshop, Paint Tool SAI
Art Samples: Too many to list, please see my DeviantArt account!
Payment: Paypal
Shipping: None, all digital copies in high resolution PNG to prevent image compression.
Other important stuff (if any): I can ink sketches you've made, as well, freehand or with the vector pen. I can do shading templates for adoptables you've created.

I can host/send these in any image file format. Can be sent in zipped PSD (Photoshop) format upon request. PSD files can be opened with the GIMP, as well.


Adoptables | Adopteds | Ref Sheet | Blog
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Fancy Pants Baby

Joined: Feb 03, 2011
Posts: 52
Location: Utah!

PostPosted: 0    Post subject: Re: Commission Artist thread - 2011

I've needed to do this for a LOOOONG time, so here we go;

Email: rhai_kun_180 @ .... or you can also PM me.

Commissions are: OPEN!

Mediums: Traditional (I've not been able to afford anything that could help me earn the possibility of doing digital, but maybe eventually)

Art Samples: (I hope the link works, but just browse my gallery. It'd take too long for me right now to go through and post all the best. Besides, I can't do it any other way than this.

Payment: I can take Paypal, or even Money Order or Checks. But keep in mind it will be in US Dollars. Also, I would LOVE to accept ponies as payment as well. I'm going to put up a wanted list in the 'wanted' section here soon.

Shipping: Will probably depend on the image

Other important stuff (if any): I do not do 'shipping' images of any kind which puts male on male or female on female. Nothing suggestive of any kind, please. I've used prismacolor markers and pencils and I can do images on 8.5x11 paper or larger. I think the largest bristol board I've used is, what? 11x14? No I think there was something larger than that, but price will be affected by the amount of detail in each image, the time it takes to do it and the amount of characters involved, but I am negotiable.

Um... can't think of anything else. I guess just PM me if have a particular image you'd like done or the size of it. Most images I do I will send professional prints of so I can keep the originals for portfolio purposes. But I can do a variety of things so.... just let me know.

*Edit* Just got to thinking, I have a 'want list' in the Wanted section, and I've mentioned some ponies that need some work. I'm willing to do VERY large pictures to do some restorations on several Ponies. I have some flutters that need re-hairing, and one extra Morning Glory I would like to customize. I also have a Moondancer I'd like to customize, but I've no ideas yet and several other ponies that need some serious restorations. If you want a list of these ponies, just PM or email me, but I did want to mention here that if anyone is interested, I have two Wind Whistlers. I'd like to make them both So Softs if possible, but one will be the regular Wind Whistler with the pink mane and tail and the other will be a customized version of the G3 ponie, Autumn Skies. HE will be Wind Whistler's mate. Smile

Thanks for your time, every pony! I hope this isn't too big a post, and that you all - for those who celebrate it at least - had a very Happy Thanksgiving! Here's looking forward to Christmas! Happy

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