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* Recent Topics

Today at 10:26:12 AM by Goanna
Views: 13 | Comments: 0

Hi everyone,

I've been looking at the variations between the different waves of brushables lately, and was just wondering something.
I know G4 Fluttershy started off with a more droopy/'sad' eye design, and now she has more 'open'/alert looking eyes. But I've noticed in some photos that there seems to be an in-between design as well, where her eyes aren't quite as open as the newer ones, but are less droopy than the original ones.

Can someone confirm this for me or am I just seeing things that aren't there? xD Just how many eye designs has she had (talking about brushable sized releases)?  :nerdy:
Today at 08:49:11 AM by LordBlumiere
Views: 57 | Comments: 3

So as of late, I've begun to realize I have a lot of ideas for themed pony lines, in the vein of G1's pony sets. From soda float ponies with transparent, bubbly bodies to jewel-toned queens, my brain's been going wild recently. So--what kind of pony line would you like to see? What kind of concepts can you come up with? I'd love to hear your thoughts!
Today at 08:17:47 AM by shadowlark
Views: 16 | Comments: 0

So we just got back from our mini road trip with my new travel buddy Scout (You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login).  Unfortunately, Scout didn't make it through unscathed. She's got a paint chip out on the bottom of one of her feet. Luckily it isn't visible in any pictures, but I'm worried the more I take her on travels, the more she'll chip.

I FBR'd her in several thin coats of acrylic paint. The paint was somewhat watered down - I would dip my brush in water, then in the paint, then apply. After the FBR, she was sealed with mod podge gloss. I didn't like the gloss, so I got some Testor's dullcote and applied 2 coats of that. Then when I rehaired her, she g...
Today at 03:57:23 AM by aintnobuffalo
Views: 32 | Comments: 0

So I'm working on my first wig requiring significant styling for a Rarity cosplay for the fair. I've been reading and watching lots of tutorials, but am not 100% sure how to do her front hair curl, since for large curls, most tutorials look at spiral vertical curls. I'm wondering if I need to create a foam support? Would a material like worbla foam would be able to be shaped like her curl and support a hair coating? I've never worked with materials that are used to make armor and have no idea of different materials capabilities.

I have styled little bushables, but don't think a straw and boil method would work on this scale. :lol: Any guidance with Rarity wigs at all?

[img width=600 height=571]
Today at 03:30:47 AM by NinaMarie
Views: 39 | Comments: 1

So when I got interested in MLP again as a late teenager/young adult I pretty quickly came up with pony versions of myself and my family. This was before I even got on the internet to discover other collectors and that having a "ponysona" was a thing. I did a lot of drawing around that time and did a few drawings of my family together and all that. Then when I got in a relationship a few years ago he thought my love of MLP was neat and wanted a pony too and so we created a pony together and I even went so far as to get a custom done for him as a Christmas gift.

Well I am currently in a new relationship with the best person on the planet! I adore him and he adores me and we are just the best! I am stumped on creating him a pony. A...
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