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* Recent Topics

Today at 02:37:43 AM by cannibalism
Views: 27 | Comments: 1

hey all! i'm back at it again with a surprisingly pony-filled day?!
I didn't purposefully go out and buy some today, but i had to wait around the ferry building for about an hour and decided to drop into a couple thrift stores, dollar tree, and comic book store. Nothing at the thrift store sadly, but there was a MIB easter barbie from some time in the 90s that i thought about getting >_>;
However i hit jackpot at the dollar tree, 3 different fakies!!
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
the blue one is a unicorn (and comes with a
Today at 01:25:58 AM by Haruna
Views: 49 | Comments: 0

I'm looking to sell my Lavender Lace here or on Ebay; her head is in the Crumpet mold instead of the proper Dancing Butterflies mold. (quick picture below) I'm not really sure how much to ask for her. Any ball park estimates? She's in very good condition.

visitors can't see pics , please You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login or You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

more pictures on original thread: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login
Yesterday at 11:47:55 PM by DazzleKitty
Views: 72 | Comments: 1

Okay, I commissioned a custom from someone who is a member here. I am not disclosing the name yet because I don't want to shame them. The custom was commissioned on Etsy but we have been communicating here too.

I have messaged several mods/administrators about this too and am not hearing back.

This custom was commissioned way back in July and would take three weeks to complete. She said she's been in and out of the hospital so I gave her the benefit of the doubt. I totally understand that, especially with that's been going on with my life lately.

I have even offered to take one of her current customs in exchange for the commission, she can keep the extra money if she is having money troubles. She won't res...
Yesterday at 11:34:41 PM by reanna-mator
Views: 23 | Comments: 0

It feels like a while since I started seriously collecting MLP shortly after Friendship is Magic began, and it brought me back to my enjoyment of My Little Pony. Since I bought a few G1s, thinking I would just select ones I really wanted. Since I joined the arena. Since I began scanning for great finds and deals, checking thrift shops at every chance for a treasure.

I've always had to make do with small spaces to curate my growing collection, and I've shared pictures of the walk-in closet that houses my G1s and G2s now (most of my G3s are packed away, and my G4s are in me and my husbands' bedroom atop the entertainment center). Here, I did my best to showcase how far my collection has come from buying a small lot of 3 Flutter pon...
Yesterday at 10:31:23 PM by sunshine29102
Views: 47 | Comments: 3

Hey there!

I'm working on a custom pony, and was wondering what you all suggest for sealing glitter.

The pony is a vinyl Funko figure, and the mane and tail are covered in extra fine, iridescent glitter. I want to seal it to prevent flaking off while preserving as much of the sparkle as possible.

I'm thinking spray sealant would be the best choice, but would love to hear what you all suggest from past experience.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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